16 Pieces Of Handwriting That Are So Good They’re Borderline Arousing


Reddit is a wonderful place full of the most niche communities. You have your dog lovers, baby elephant gif-chasers, artists, musicians and fashion enthusiasts all in one place, sharing the best things they’ve seen in their respective interests.

That’s why it’s no surprise that there’s an entire community dedicated to great handwriting. And we’re not just talking about “nice” cursive, this subreddit encompasses anything and everything beautiful written by hand.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best submissions to the community. Some of these will either make you hate your handwriting or inspire you to get your own calligraphy set and start practicing a new hobby!

1. Darren Calvert, a designer, and illustrator from Edmonton decided to share his work on Reddit. It makes you wish your handwriting was half as good as his penmanship!

2. This user took a picture of the sign used at his local diner. In the comments, he wrote that the same girl writes the signs every day and that they’re always this good. Impressive!

3. This person made personalized thank you note cookies. She even personalized each message to include specific things that her teachers did for her during the semester. 

4. This user’s roommate is out of town for some time and left him with instructions on how to take care of her plants. Not only are her illustrations cute, her writing is perfect.

5. This person posted a picture of their school notes. It’s full of great gems, including the way the underlining looks with the spaces and the longer letters.

6. The person who posted this said this was the best “s” of their life, but the rest of the word is pretty neat too!

7. These math notes look like the visual aids that teachers use to teach their material. It’s perfect in so many ways other than the handwriting, including the way the content is organized.

8. Look at this perfect 5. Marvel at its perfect symmetry, excellent form, and shape. Keep in mind this isn’t an exaggeration; there is an entire forum of people discussing the merits of a well-written number 5.

9. The impressive part about this is the fact that she used a regular blue ballpoint pen! I have one of those but my handwriting doesn’t even come out legible. 

10. This example of the blackletter style of handwriting. The person who made this used a simple calligraphy pen. It makes me want to pull out my old calligraphy set and use it again.

11. This user’s wife left him this lovely message on the blackboard. You can tell that this is a loving wife who’s willing to spend this much time doing something special for her husband.

12. The user who submitted this said that it was written by one of his left-handed students using her right hand. It’s almost hard to believe someone can do this with their non-writing hand!

13. This person’s chem lab sheet turned Gothic. If you look closely, it’s not just the letters that are perfect. It’s also the numbers, especially the 3.

14. This was written at a subway station somewhere in London. Not only is the quote food for thought, but the handwriting and the little design at the bottom are stunning!

15. This piece of symmetrical art was made by Scott Kim, who’s been doing this kind of work for 40 years and for the sake of math education in schools. 

16. Using a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, this user wrote a perfect “summer.” The level of skill and talent that this writing requires is awe-inspiring.

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