Teen Holds Up Boyfriend’s Head While He Slept For 20 Minutes And It’s Inspiring

Sometimes the ultimate displays of affection aren’t the grand gestures rom-com finales have led us to believe, it’s the little things that show one person’s devotion to their significant other.

While the Internet’s romantics have shown that there’s nothing they love more than an extravagant proposal, it turns out the reaction is just as strong for the sentiment on a much smaller scale.

One couple has made Twitter weak in the knees after a dedicated girlfriend shared a picture of her sleepy boyfriend on a car ride. A simple act of love has made big waves on the Twitterverse and now people can’t get enough of this adorable couple.

19-year-old Korina Morejon and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Tajidrez Dantzler, have been together for a solid two years and have shared many swoon-worthy moments on social media. However, one of the latest moments they shared resulted in some viral attention for the Miami lovebirds.

The duo decided to run an errand together when Tajidrez had to drop his car off at a local dealership. Being sans car, an employee at the dealership had to drive them back home, which is when Dantzler started to lose a battle with the sandman.

“We had been in traffic during rush hour for almost 30 minutes when I noticed his head tilt forward,” Korina told Buzzfeed News. “I was embarrassed because the driver noticed.”

So what did she do about it? After tapping her boyfriend awake failed, she decided to hold his head up from the backseat for 20 minutes, stating, “I kept switching my arms when one would get tired.”

With her free hand, Korina snapped a picture of her loving gesture to her sleepy boyfriend and shared it to Twitter where it quickly went viral.

In just over a week, the tweet managed to garner almost 5,000 retweets and over 20,000 likes with many people chiming in to express how adorable this supportive girlfriend’s gesture is.

“Since it wasn’t our car and I didn’t know the driver, I didn’t want to seem rude by asking to put the seat back,” Korina told Buzzfeed News. “[Dantzler] didn’t wake up until we arrived. I asked him if he noticed and he said no.”

There are a lot of cliché ways to express your love for someone, but sometimes it’s just as simple as holding up your partner’s head as they drift off to la la land.

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