This 5-Year-Old’s Hilarious Answers To Her Dad’s Questions Had The Internet In Stitches

One Twitter personality that is gaining a lot of attention is father and comedy writer James Breakwell, author of Only Dead On The Inside: A Parent’s Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse. James’ tweets are gaining viral notoriety due to their innocent and hilarious nature when reporting on the curious interactions he has with his children. 

According to his biography on his website, with Indianapolis as his home, James is the father of four girls, ages 7 and under. He is known for his family-friendly Twitter account (@XplodingUnicorn) which has over one million followers! James also has a secondary account (@VeryLonelyLuke) that is a parody of the Star Wars franchise. His humour and great writing coupled with his family-friendly tweets are what have given James his notoriety.

Each of his tweets gains several hundred to even several thousand retweets, as you can’t help but laugh at how kids just say the darnedest things. Each of these tweets will amuse you a great deal, and hopefully, you’ll help James out by going to follow him (@XplodingUnicorn) today!

This is hilarious. Could you imagine if your hair caught on fire? Children’s imaginations never cease to amaze us. You can see from these tweets that James Breakwell has an amazing and adorable relationship with his kids. 

This tweet is amazing because you can see that his daughters have an enormous imagination. A Barbie Apocalypse would certainly make for an interesting movie.  

Often, children cry for reasons they don’t quite understand. Sometimes this occurs when adults won’t let them play with things that could be dangerous or bad for the children, but they don’t quite have the intelligence to understand why. Here, James shows us how one of those interactions went down. 

Kids are so funny. How dare their father interrupt them while they’re super busy doing absolutely nothing. Fantastic! 

There’s an old saying that the more experienced a chef that you are, the fewer dishes you end up using in your cooking. It makes for way easier clean-up after you’re done cooking. Apparently, James’ oldest daughter didn’t quite get the memo.  

Kid Logic is the best logic. Kid logic usually makes sense only within the realm of absolute absurdity. This 5-year-old hits the nail on the head with this kid’s logic. 

To think of children having to go to school with live sharks is such a funny concept. Sometimes a game or something made up by a teacher or classmate doesn’t quite translate correctly when kids try to explain what they did when they get home. 

Teaching your children to become strong and brave when they’re young is a fantastic idea. Here, James’ oldest daughter is planning to go to war with the funniest arsenal ever!

For anyone who has ever had a sibling, you’ll know that sibling rivalry is a very real thing. No matter how much you fight though, usually, you’ll still love each other at the end of the day. Usually… 

Ahh, the age of three. This is one of the cutest toddler ages because most kids are out of their ‘terrible twos.’

Children are so funny because they can come up with these elaborate abstract ideas like “what does the sky taste like” or in this case, “what do hiccups smell like?” Amazing. 

We want our dogs to ride roller coasters too, kid. Wouldn’t that be awesome? You need to follow James Breakwell (@XplodingUnicorn) on Twitter for all these awesome tweets. 

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