After Announcing Pregnancy, Tristan Thompson Pens Heartfelt Note To Khloe Kardashian

Another day, another Kardashian is in the headlines. After taking the social media world by storm following the public announcement of her pregnancy, Khloe is now in the limelight as the latest Kardashian expecting a baby.

 Tristan Thompson Pens Heartfelt Note To Khloe KardashianInstagram


Having been involved with athletes and NBA stars before, namely James Harden, and Lamar Odom, Khloe found herself in the arms of Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristan Thompson, who hails from Toronto, Ontario. Together since July of 2016, the couple recently revealed on social media that they will soon be welcoming a child of their own into the world. Khloe took to Instagram in a revealing post of her stomach, saying “My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby!”

Being lowkey for some time now, there was speculation as to whether or not this was a publicity stunt, but it’s safe to say that she has proven that the pregnancy is real. Showing her baby bump to the world, Khloe made her thoughts and feelings known to social media in a lengthy caption of thank yous and appreciation. Fans worldwide inevitably had their say and reactions, with people ultimately excited for the future first-time mother-to-be. Khloe reached out to fans, saying “Thank you to everyone for the love and positive vibes” and stating that although she’s excited, she’s “nervous, eager, overjoyed, and scared all in one!”

Thankfully, she can lean on her life partner during this emotional time, and Tristan himself went out and left Khloe a heartfelt comment in response, for the social media world to read.

Choosing Instagram as his platform to respond, the note has inevitably been made public and serves as a heartwarming thank you to Khloe, and God, in a time of sheer gratitude.

“My love, thank you for allowing me to be apart [sic] of your journey and entering your life that day at the Bel-Air hotel. One of the best moments of my life” he began, paying respects to the day that the sparks first flew. “I’m soo happy to be on this journey together with you and creating this angel from the man above,” acknowledging the miracle of life that they created, faithfully. He concluded with “Every day [sic] I give thanks to him for bringing us together. I love you soo much and I know our little angel feels the love we share together and will know that mommy and daddy love them unconditionally and forever and ever amen”.

In a heartfelt exchange of gratitude and appreciation for one another, the couple has made their feelings public and clear, proving to fans worldwide that they share a love that is real, and are excited to take on this life step together. They evidently have expressed an immense appreciation for God at this time, whom they feel has blessed their lives with one of life’s most precious gifts. Congratulations to the two of them, as they begin a new journey and take on one of life’s greatest responsibilities; the joy of parenthood.

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