24 Photoshop Fails That Are So Horrible It’s Hard To Believe They Were Missed

Bad Photoshop jobs are hard to miss. They stick out like sore thumbs. Sometimes that’s because a careless editor has removed someone’s thumbs. Other times it’s because they’ve made the person’s thumbs enormous. Sometimes they just accidentally turn a person into a thumb.

Okay, maybe that’s not quite what happens, but there are definitely instances where entire body parts are removed, altered, or distorted. Other times, the Photoshop seems like it was entirely unnecessary. Not only that but by Photoshopping the image, people actually make it look worse. Maybe it’s a plan to draw attention to the photo or the product it’s advertising, but it seems to backfire when people just get caught up in the weirdness of the picture.

These 24  bad Photoshop jobs area great reminder as to why being good at photo editing is a coveted skill. If you hire the wrong person, you end up with some truly weird stuff.

1) Maybe they just floated up the stairs?: These people look like they have it all: a beautiful home, a good marriage, and even a cute little dog. There’s only one thing they’re missing. Well, four things actually. Those would be their legs. Maybe they were wearing really ugly pants.

2) She wasn’t excited enough the first time: It’s a pretty audacious move to replace someone’s entire face in an advertisement. If you’re going to do it, make sure that you put the time and the care into making it look seamless. Otherwise, you’ll end up with something like this.

3) What kind of witchcraft is this?: Imagine it: you come into check on your kid, and they’re playing with their new piano mirror toy. They turn around to look at you, and their reflection… is also looking at you. If you’re not immediately running out of that room then you’re braver than most.

4) Learning Photoshop should be a hands-on experience: When someone is learning how to Photoshop an image to make it look better, what they should be focusing on are the smaller details. The face can be so distracting that you forget about the other things in the pictures, like hands for example.

5) They really couldn’t spring for guitars and amps?: “Hey guys, bad news: we couldn’t afford to get amps and guitars for this photo shoot, but my nephew knows Photoshop. Just pretend to hold a guitar, I promise it’s going to look fine. Don’t worry, you guys look really cool.”

6) Ghosts of umbrellas past: Water never lies, even in a Photoshopped image. These so-called “professionals” really need to pay more attention. That or they need to get a refresher course in the concept of reflections. Or, and this may be crazy, the resort could actually just put out some umbrellas.

7) That is one giant flash drive: It’s not really clear what kind of computer would even be compatible with a flash drive this big. Besides, it’s almost the same size as a tablet and it only has eight gigs of memory? What kind of cheap flash drive is this?

8) How long are those arms?: Forget the pants in this advertisement, can we all just focus on how gigantic this model’s arms must be? Is it possible to get a full body picture of this guy? His dimensions are probably insane. He probably gets picked first for every basketball game.

9) How does this clothes rack exist?: Look closely at the center of this image, and you’ll understand what went wrong with this Photoshop. Admittedly, it would be interesting to own a clothes rack that somehow breaks the boundaries of reality, but it might be hard to assemble.

10) What is even going on here?: Is this a car, or a living room? Is the car gigantic, or is the family tiny? Were they trying to just make the screen look bigger? What is the end goal of this advertisement? So many questions, and no good answers.


11) This model is suffering from Tiny Legs Syndrome: This impressively bad Photoshop job appeared on a promotional stand for the Entourage movie. They must have blown all of the money on the amazing special effects or supremely talented cast before they got a chance to fix this.

12) Try to stay ahead of the game: If you’re going to Photoshop the model right out of the picture, make sure you get every part, otherwise, you end up with some kind of headless horseman situation. Unless that’s the demographic this ad was aiming for? Heads probably rolled over this one.

13) “We don’t have time to find three dogs!”: Could the people who designed this book cover at least not find three different looking dogs doing different things? They probably could have at least mirrored one of the images to have the dog looking the other way. It couldn’t be any worse than these clones.

14) Is it that hard to find models?: There must be plenty of models out there who are looking for work. Yet they are being forced out of the business by stock photos. Even if you just grabbed the most handsome guy in accounting and had him wear the headphones, that would be better than this.

15) Those look like they’re on backward: Forget the ridiculously bad Photoshop job that went into putting the underwear on this model. Did the people who made this advertisement seriously not realize that they were putting the underwear onto this model the wrong way? Hopefully, someone got fired for this.

16) She’s probably a pretty good swimmer, though: With arms that long, you’d be able to swim an entire length in about 3 strokes. This begs the question: do the Olympics have any restrictions on arm length? Because this girl might just be a future gold medalist.

17) Not the most reassuring ad for an airline: This woman seems pretty calm, even though the view from her window would suggest that her plane is about to make an emergency water landing. Well, at least she got a pretty awesome view of the statue of liberty before that happened.

18) What is a selfie stick, anyway?: “Listen, when we asked you to make an advertisement for our selfies stick, you explicitly told us that you knew what it was. I’m only saying this because the ad doesn’t really reflect the right use of our product. I’m not mad, just very disappointed.”


19) That dude is HUGE: There really is not a lot of representation for giants in the modeling industry, so this was a pretty brave move. However, it’s probably not super safe to have him diving where he is clearly going to hit his head on the bottom.

20) A surplus of legs: Sometimes people like to do things the hard way. It just seems that it probably would have been less work to just include the right number of legs in this ad (that would be six). Instead, the company took a long way around and ended up with spider-ladies.

21) This family needs some new faces: “Alright everyone, the new pajama ad is pretty good, but there’s just one problem. This family is not nearly attractive enough. They need some new faces. Just get one of the interns to stick some pretty faces on there. We need this done by tomorrow.”

22) Something might be wrong with her neck: In an attempt to make this shower look refreshing, these advertisers obviously overlooked how bizarrely huge this model’s neck ended up looking. Sure, the shower head may be great, but no one is paying attention to it anymore.

23) Give peas a chance: “This photo of our rice doesn’t look quite right…. Oh no! Someone forgot to add the peas! What are we going to do about this? You know what? Photoshop would be perfect for this. Just add like six or seven peas to it. Spread them out though or it will look ridiculous.”

24) Should we consider using Photoshop?: “Look, we have a new card and we have to integrate it into this advertisement. We don’t have time for some big fancy Photoshop job, so just make the new image in Paint. I don’t want to hear any excuses, just get it done! This is a business and we’re professionals!”


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