Can You Spot The Difference In These Pictures?

Think you have eyes like a hawk? Well, it’s time to find out. “Spot the difference” is a classic observation game that puts your attention to detail to the ultimate test. Two versions of the same picture are placed side-by-side with only a few subtle changes differentiating them. Only those with a keen eye will be able to decipher the minor modifications that have been made. The changes can be anything from a slight tweak to something that has been removed entirely from the picture. Sound easy? You might be surprised. Sometimes even seemingly blatant changes can manage to slip right by.

Are you up for the challenge? Below are 24 “spot the difference” tests that will see just how much attention you pay to the little things.

From photographs to illustrations, these images have a lot more going on in them than meets the eye. Scan back and forth to figure out what has been changed from the two pictures. If you get stuck, you can scroll down to see what you missed.

1. Let’s start things off with this picture of London’s iconic clock tower, Big Ben. At first glance, the two photos may appear identical, but there are five changes differentiating them. Can you spot all of the differences?

Answers: A plane was added in the upper left-hand corner, the clock tower reads a different time, the double-decker bus has a different number on the front of it, the pedestrian’s outfit has changed, and the lamp post is missing its tip.

2. Under the sea! There have been six changes made in these two pictures of scuba divers curiously exploring the coral reef. Can you find them?

Answers: The fish to the left of the image is missing two stripes, the scuba diver on the right has a different color wetsuit, the manta ray is missing its gills, one of the manta rays is missing completely, one of the yellow fish has been removed, and the central fish is a different color.


3. Zoinks! There have been five changes made between these two comic book covers. Can you figure out what they are?

Answers: The dash is missing between “Scooby-Doo,” The Flash was given pupils, the lines around Shaggy’s head are missing, Scooby’s collar has been enlarged, and the tomato on the ketchup bottle has been swapped for a raspberry.


4. Ah, Minions! You can’t go too far without seeing one of these fumbling pill-shaped henchmen, but can you see the five differences here?

Answers: A logo was added to the overalls of the minion on the left, the minion on the right had hair and lower teeth added, the minion in the middle’s overall strap placement changed, and the gun-like contraption has been sealed.

5. Hopscotch may be an easy game, but finding the five changes between these two pictures may prove to be more difficult. Can you find them?

Answers: An additional box was added to the left side of the first square and the number one has been shifted to the right, a line was removed from the box containing the number five, six was changed to nine, and the color of the socks are different.

6. Can you spot the five differences in these two photos of one very unconventional gingerbread scene?

Answers: One of the blue windows is missing from the building on the left, an extra yellow window has been added, the “s” is missing from the gingerbread man’s shirt, the police car is missing a light, and the gingerbread woman’s two-piece became a one piece.


7. Can you spot the five differences in these two strikingly similar pictures of movie memorabilia?

Answers: The shark is missing upper teeth, clouds were added to the painting on the wall, the cropped image of the shark from Jaws was replaced with a meme, lines were removed from the Stormtrooper mask, and the year is missing from the “Special Events” sign.


8. Can you spot the five differences in these two pictures of Samsung cell phone batteries?

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Answers: “Communication” is missing underneath “Samsung,” “China” and “Chine” have been swapped, the dual line has been broken in the middle, the “.8” was removed from the 3, and the “A” in Samsung’s logo was flipped upside down in the back battery.

9. Can you find the five differences in this grim photo of Batman making a gruesome discovery?

Answers: The line on Batman’s chin is missing, the shadow on his left shoulder has been altered, one of the lines on his wrist cuff has been removed, the “O” in “LOVE” has been filled in, and there’s an extra symbol on the lower graffiti.

10. There are five differences in these two photos of SpongeBob, Patrick and a not-so-enthusiastic Squidward posing for a picture. Can you find them?

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Answers: A line was removed from Squidward’s forehead, a bubble to the left of Patrick was added in, Patrick’s pupils have shifted upward, SpongeBob is missing a hole on his side, and Squidward is missing two legs.

11. Now here are some cartoon characters that don’t usually share screen time together. Can you find five differences?

Answers: Captain America was added in, Thor’s facial expression has changed completely, Spider-Man is missing his iconic logo, the skull has been removed on the left kid’s shirt, and the bok of the girl on the right is gone.

12. Can you spot the five changes that were made in between these two stills from Robert Zemeckis’ 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Answers: A freckle was removed from the cartoon character’s cheek, the smooching lips have been painted black, the left glove is missing, Eddie’s tie has changed patterns, and Eddie’s ear is gone.

13. Can you spot the five differences in between these two stills from Disney’s Hawaiian-set family film, Lilo & Stitch?

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Answers: The family from the photo Lilo is holding has been removed, Lilo’s pajamas changed colors, Stitch has much more hair on top of his head, Stitch’s eyes have been blacked out, and Stitch’s left claws are missing.

14. Can you spot the four changes that were made between these two pictures of Kim Possible and her clumsy best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable?

Answers: Kim Possible’s upper lip is missing, Ron’s freckles have been removed, an extra line was added in Ron’s ear, and Kim Possible’s shirt and backpack straps have changed colors.

15. Can you spot the five changes that were made between these two covers of the remastered DVD box-set for the British sitcom, Fawlty Towers?

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Answers: The illustrated building in the background is missing a chimney spout and one of the windows has had a middle bar removed, Basil’s mustache is missing, the feather has been removed from the woman’s lapel, and the “3 DISC SET” has been switched to “2 DISC SET.”

16. Can you spot the five changes that were made between these two pictures from the British quiz show, Pointless?

Answers: A gap in the set design was filled in, “Frambuesa” is missing from the board, “42” has been removed from the last panel, the man on the right’s hand is gone, and one of the stage lights is missing.

17. Can you spot the five changes that were made in these two pictures of an art sale?

Answers: The price tag in the middle left of the picture has been lifted, one of the boats is gone from the central painting, the colors are different in the upper right piece, the man’s hat has been removed from the lower right painting, and the man’s tool in the bottom middle piece is gone.

18. There’s a lot going on in this colorful picture of cartoon characters with varying emotions, but can you spot the five changes that were made?

Answers: The bar sliders on the computer screen have been shifted, the red cartoon’s smile was turned upside down, the central character is missing its middle tooth, the wheelchair wheel has been altered, and the “Mouth” inside the tablet has been changed to “Moth.”

19. Can you spot the five changes that were made in this vibrant Japanese illustration?

Answers: The symbol on the headband of the figure to the left has been altered, the flower on the man’s hat has changed colors, one of the hairpieces has been removed on the figure to the right, eyes were added to the middle man, and an extra Japanese flag was added.

20. We may not be able to tell you what exactly is going on in this picture, but we can tell you that five changes have been made.

Answers: The person standing over the number 2 is now wearing socks, the number 4 has been changed to 3, the person standing third to the left has had their outfit altered, the number 6 was flipped upside down, and the last person to the right is missing their hand.

21. There’s something off about this art gallery room. Can you find the five changes that were made?

Answers: A picture frame was added to the right of the artwork, a strand of hair was removed from the person in the art piece, the bag of the woman sitting on the ground has moved, the object to the right of the woman is gone, and the walking man is missing a foot.

22. Are your eyes tired yet? Here’s an easier one to ease the strain. Find the four changes that have been made between these two photos.

Answers: The athlete in the photo now has earrings, the drip of water on her cheek is missing, her ponytail is significantly shorter, and her bathing suit logo has been altered.

23. There’s a lot going on in this disorienting piece of art, but can you find the five changes that have been made?

Answers: The subject of the painting’s ear has been altered, the triangular shape below the mouth has been flipped upside down, one of the fingers is missing a nail, the right shoulder has more texture, and the neck area has been colored white.

24. Perry the Platypus may not be happy, but you will be once you find these five changes that were made in this final challenge.

Answers: The strip on Perry’s hat has been removed, his tail has changed colors, a Diet Coke was added on the table, the left stack of chips has grown, and a line was added on Perry’s shirt.

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