Paris Jackson Opens Up About Multiple Suicide Attempts, Her Father, And Everyday Life


It’s been eight years since the death of Michael Jackson, and now his daughter Paris has finally opened up in an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. The 18-year-old, who also graces the cover of the magazine, sat down with Brian Hiatt to talk about every aspect of her life including her mental health and her late father.

  • Her mother is nurse Debbie Rowe, who is battling breast cancer
  • Paris works as a model
  • Her current partner is Michael Snoddy, who regularly appears in her Instagram updates

The decision to open up to the publication comes after a tumultuous few years, but she claims to be a “completely different person” today. She said that after six years of being bullied online because of her looks and fashion choices, she began to understand the reasoning behind her father’s plastic surgery.

The daughter of the late-singer also mentioned that while she supports freedom of speech, she thinks the Founding Fathers didn’t consider the advent of social media, otherwise things would have been much different. Here are some of the most revealing things she talked about during her interview with the magazine: 

She attempted suicide more than once. In 2013, Paris made headlines when she was 15 when she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists and taking 20 Motron pills. But she confirmed to Rolling Stone that it was the only attempt that became public, and revealed that there had been many more attempts which she kept hidden from her family.

She believes her father was murdered. Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to two years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael, but Paris believes that it was fully intentional and part of a larger plot. She alleges that it’s “obvious” and that before he died he would “drop hints about people being out to get him.”

She rejects the speculations about Michael not being her real father and considers herself black. During the interview, she recalled a time when Michael would tell her that she’s black and to be proud of her roots.

She has over 50 tattoos. She got a few of them while she was underage, and nine of the markings are dedicated to Michael. She said of her tribute tattoos to her father: “He’s brought me nothing but joy, so why not have constant reminders of joy?”

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Some of those tattoos are cover-ups for the track marks she obtained from using drugs. She told the magazine that she was “actually crazy” and going through a lot of teen angst, depression and anxiety without any help. In one of her Instagram updates she opened up about what tattoos mean to her, saying: “Today I can look at my inner forearms and see art that has meaning for me. I don’t see a dark past anymore. My scars and past of self-hatred have been covered by loving marks, creativity, ingenuity and depth.”

She was sexually assaulted by a complete stranger at age 14. She described the stranger as a much older person, and that she was never able to tell anybody or report him at the time.

She says she’s scared for the well-being of Justin Bieber. Paris told the magazine that she felt terrified for Justin when she saw him perform during a recent tour, claiming Justin appeared exhausted. She said he looked “tired, going through the motions” and that it reminded him of her how Michael was once exhausted all the time but he couldn’t sleep during his “This is It” comeback tour.

She says her depression and drug use happened as a result of not fitting in. Paris is sober today, but when she entered a private school in the seventh grade a lot of her problems started. She recalls hanging out with older people and “doing a lot of crazy things.”

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Modelling helped in boosting her self esteem. Last week, Paris made her debut at Paris Fashion Week when she attended the Givenchy Menswear Fall/Winter 2017-2018 runway show. She said that when she’s modelling, she forgets about her self-esteem issues and feels pretty.

Her father supported all of her ambitions and dreams, including her modelling. Paris said that the King of Pop once told her that if she wants to be bigger than him, that she can. He also said that if she didn’t want to be as big as him, that she also could do that. His only wish for his daughter was that she finds happiness.

When they were younger, her siblings did not realize how big Michael really was. Along with Prince and Blanket, Paris grew up in Neverland, the Santa Barbara estate equipped with an amusement park, a zoo and a movie theater. She said that to them, Michael was just their dad, and they managed to have a normal upbringing in Neverland.

She recalls a time when Michael would get emotional in front of her. Paris says that Michael used to cry to her at night because of the allegations against him. She said that she started to hate the world because of how they were treating her father.

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Michael prepared her and her siblings for the real world. She said that Michael gave them the best childhood possible, and all the love a father can give, but that he also did not feed them lies about the world.

She often visits the Museum of Death in Hollywood, California, and finds it soothing. She said she’s desensitized to graphic reminders of mortality, and finds death memorabilia fascinating. The museum features serial killer memorabilia, graphic imagery from morgue and the world’s most famous crime scenes.

She says Michael visits her in her dreams. She admits she’s still not over her father’s tragic death saying that the pain never heals, “you just get used to it.” Because her father was the most important person in her life, she says that anything bad that happens to her going forward can’t be “nearly as bad as what happened before.”

She felt she had to stand up for her dad at his funeral. The first time she spoke up on behalf of her dad was during his televised memorial service. She said that she felt she needed everyone to know how she felt about him, and that it wasn’t the last time she would stand up for him.

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