Katherine Heigl Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Her Son’s Birth And Her Difficult C-Section Story

Known for her roles on Grey’s Anatomy and in Knocked Up, actress Katherine Heigl is also a devoted wife and mother. Katherine Heigl shared photos of the birth of her son Joshua Jr., on her Instagram. Heigl posted the Instagram pregnancy photos on December 21, Joshua Jr.’s first birthday, to commemorate his birth.

Heigl gave birth to Joshua Jr., whom she had with her husband Josh Kelley, through a cesarean section. This is a procedure wherein the baby is delivered through incisions made to the abdomen and uterus. The procedure is typically performed when there is a risk to either the mother or the child.

Katherine Heigl shared her story and the Instagram photos to illustrate the nervousness she felt while undergoing the procedure. Luckily, the birth was successful and her son Joshua Jr. is doing well. Heigl’s photos are an excellent depiction of what people experience when having children, and a far cry from her delivery scene in Knocked Up.

Heigl had never undergone any surgical procedures before, so she was trying to look “cool, calm and collected” in this photo, taken right before her operation.

The next photo Katherine Heigl shared was of a newly born Joshua Jr. The C-Section was necessary as Joshua Jr. had been in the breech position and had not moved.

Joshua Jr. was not breathing right away and had to be given oxygen. Husband Josh Kelley “was standing with them when he finally took his first breath.”

atherine Heigl Shares Never-Before-Seen Photosinstagram/@katherineheigl

Heigl wrote of the delivery “My doctor struggled to get him out because he was really wedged in there and not quite ready to leave the womb.”

The Instagram pregnancy photos continue with Heigl holding her newborn son. She writes “I thanked the heavens for his breath, his life and for making me a mother three times over.”

atherine Heigl Shares Never-Before-Seen Photosinstagram/@katherineheigl

Heigl continues “As evening settled in Josh and I got cozy in my hospital room, found one of my all-time favourites #SweetHomeAlabama on the tv and just relished in our perfect newborn son.”

Now a healthy one-year-old, son Joshua Jr. is, as Katherine Heigl shared, “26 [pounds] of rolling, tumbling, grasping, giggling, shouting, curious, jolly energy!”

Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr. now joins Heigl’s and Josh Kelley’s other two children, Naleigh and Adelaide, both adopted from South Korea and the United States, respectively.

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