8 Dream Jobs That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

8 Dream Jobs That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

Dream jobs don’t necessarily mean making a lot of money. I know a lot of people that have high salaries but are absolutely miserable at their jobs. Many people would prefer a comfortable, fun and loving working environment with interesting perks. Take for example the image above of Stacey Thompson hosting a backstage interview with Welsh bodybuilder Flex Lewis—the image of being able to interview talented athletes every day for a living! To have a successful business, you have to make sure your employees are getting something rewarding out of it.

Regardless if the company is big or small, having high morale is essential for growth. You need to ensure that your employees are valued. Because if they get a sense that they’re being devalued, their production will dip.

With that said, the following companies give people dream jobs. Each company, small or large is growing because they value their business and their employees.

Evolve: If you are an MMA fan, then you definitely have heard of Evolve. The founder of Evolve, Chatri Sityodtong, gave back to his employees in a big way by hitting a 30% income increase for the year. What he did was spend half a million dollars to send 100 of his employees to the Maldives for a vacation.


BrewDog Brewery: It’s always nice to get time off from work. It’s even better if you’re working with a brewery. What’s even better than those two is working with a brewery that is associated with dogs. BrewDog Brewery allows owners of new pets to bring them to work. The reason is that it is tough to raise a new pet if you have to leave it alone. They also implemented an incentive for time off. If an employee takes in a dog or puppy from the pound, they get a paid week off.

BrewDog Brewery DenisMArt/shutterstock

Gravity Payments: Unfortunately because of how tough the economy can be, income is extremely important. Dan Prince, the founder of Gravity Payments realized that. So instead of taking a passive income for himself, he shared his income with all his employees so each of them could make $70,000 a year. This type of kindness does not happen very often. Unfortunately, because he shared his income, he was unable to buy the electric car he’d always wanted. So his employees each saved up for 6 months and purchased the car for him.

Gravity Paymentshttps://somuchgood.org

Hare Krishna Exports: This company gives hundreds of jobs to people. They export diamonds, and the diamond industry is huge. So it’s no surprise that their CEO, Savji Dholakia has a ton of money. But what you might not know is that he promised his employees that he’d buy each of the apartments and cars within 5 years. I’m happy to report that he gave 1,260 cars and 400 apartments to his most productive employees in 2016.

Hare Krishna Exportshttp://resize.indiatvnews.com

Sagmeister & Walsh: Stefan Sagmeister is a wealthy and famous graphic designer. He owns Sagmeister and Walsh and knows the value of hard work. Being a graphic designer means you have to be refreshed and on point, and Stefan knows that as well. So every 7 years, he gives his employees a year-long leave.

Sagmeister & Walshhttps://sagmeisterwalsh.com

Invasion: When we grow older, we start to realize that a lot of workplaces are extremely dry. It’s difficult for a boss to make a working environment fun but also still get productivity. But Lee McAteer, the co-founder of Invasion, in Manchester, UK, took things to a whole new level. He had an idea and wasn’t afraid to try it. One day he turned the entire office into a giant ball pit.


Hime & Co: This marketing company sympathizes deeply when it comes to love and relationships. They sympathize even more when it comes to heartbreaks. The company has a policy where women have a certain amount of days away from work to deal with a breakup. Women who are 20-years-old, have one day to get all their crying out of the way. Women who are 25 years or older get two days And women who are 30 years or older get three days. To me, dream jobs are in companies that care about your well-being. This company sure does.

Hime & Co fizkes/shutterstock.com

Asana: This company was founded by the creators of Facebook. They believe that healthy and delicious food is not only meant for performance but also for happiness as well. So they decided that every day they would bring in first-class cooks to make delicious meals. They also made sure that there is a massive supply of chocolate in the office for everyone. It may seem like a small gesture compared to the others I have mentioned, but all it takes is a small gesture to show you that you’re valued. Who says you need big money to have dream jobs?

Asana MaksimToome/shutterstock.com

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