Eagle-Eyed Disney Fan Noticed This Strange Connection Between ‘Moana’ And ‘The Little Mermaid’

Disney has always been one of the biggest names in Children’s entertainment since the earliest cartoons came to life. Sometimes, intertextuality has a profound effect on all of us, and people on the internet manage to impress us with fan theories.

Although it might not be entirely intentional on the Disney producer’s end, you can’t help but notice certain similarities between several of the franchises. This is especially true with two of Disney’s ‘water-themed’ film franchises, Moana and The Little Mermaid.

Tumblr user intergalactic-Ashkenazi made a stunning observation about both films on his Tumblr page, outlining the various similarities between both films. It wasn’t long before other Tumblr users started chiming in with their own theories and observations. This isn’t the first time a fan theory has swept across the internet about the Disney Universe. Some characters including Tarzan, Belle, and Prince Eric all somehow fit together in the same timeline of the Disney universe.

The theory that intergalactic Ashkenazi came up with goes a little like this: When you think about it, Moana is about a girl who dreams of life on the water. Princess Ariel is a girl who dreams of life on land. It’s uncanny the similarities given by all the Tumblr users and how they fit so magically in this fan theory.

Since their release, The Little Mermaid first premiered in 1989 to start off a new era of classic Disney films that would take place throughout the 90s. Moana premiered in 2016, with nearly a 27-year difference between both films. 

Both were huge successes in the box office and featured two very distinct leading female figures. This gap has not deterred fans from speculating about each of their favourite franchises.

The comparisons they make, small good crab in The Little Mermaid (vs) large bad crab in Moana. An important magical necklace in The Little Mermaid (vs) an important magical necklace in Moana. The list goes on and on.

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