8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Complete Psychopath

8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Complete Psychopath

You have met many people in your life. Some have become friends, others acquaintances, and the rest have just been encounters. It’s more than likely that at some point you have met at least one psychopath.

You’re probably thinking “I would have known if they were a psychopath.” It’s actually the total opposite; they can be very hard to spot. In many ways psychopaths are like regular people: they’re friendly, very charming, and likable.

Nervous yet? Well, you should be. In order to deal with a psychopath, these are the 8 signs to look for.

They’re Filled With Excuses and Lies: We all lie at some point in our life, but what makes a psychopath different from the rest of us is the intensity and frequency of the lie.

They’re Filled With Excuses and Lies BlurryMe/shutterstock.com

Never forget that a psychopath will always serve their own interests no matter what. So these lies serve a purpose in the end for them, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

They’re Filled With Excuses and Lies pathdoc/shutterstock.com

They Love Looking Down At People: Because they possess low self-esteem and insecurity issues, a psychopath will do everything in their power to belittle people.

They Love Looking Down At People Gearstd/shutterstock.com

They know all the right buttons to push with people, and in the end, you will find yourself apologizing for things that are far from the truth or reality.

They Love Looking Down At People Voyagerix/shutterstock.com

They’re Hypocrites:  They are charmers, they know what to say and do in order to get on everyone’s good side. But the minute you turn your back to them, they will stab you in the back.

They’re Hypocrites Twinsterphoto/shutterstock.com

They also possess the ability to play the victim or the nurturer. If someone catches wind that they have been gossiping about them, a psychopath will almost immediately play the victim card. Or they will play the nurturer card, even if the person they are nurturing is sad because of something they deliberately did to them.

They’re Hypocrites Olimpik/shutterstock.com

They Have Many Sides: A psychopath’s behaviour is always changing. They use different personas depending on the situation. They can go from a happy, go-lucky person to a repulsive angry person in a matter of seconds.

They Have Many Sides BalandinaG/shutterstock.com

They can be the most compassionate person towards you, and then the moment someone else is around, they can turn their back on you like it was nothing. These actions are red flags because they do not fit the normal personality frame.

They Have Many Sides CherednychenkoIhor/shutterstock.com

Drama Queens: They never like taking responsibility for their own behaviour. So they tend to toss the blame onto other people and avoid admitting they’re wrong.

Drama Queens DWlabsIncorporated/shutterstock.com

They will do everything in their power to convince you that their story checks out and will deny any fault that may be possible.

Drama Queens AntonioGuillem/shutterstock.com

Manipulators: They are very skilled at this craft so you really need to be aware of this sign. They will do whatever it takes to force the blame on you in order to get out of any situation.

Manipulators SvetaZi/shutterstock.com

Don’t feel like you are the only target, you need to realize that everyone is a target to a psychopath. They love attention and being liked, but can’t stand when things do not go their way.

Manipulators PrazisImages/shutterstock.com

Excessive Anger: A psychopath is someone who models excessive anger no matter who they’re with or what they are doing. In a relationship, it might be verbal abuse. Outside of a relationship, you might notice that they have constant road rage.

Excessive Anger fizkes/shutterstock.com

This might be hard to detect because of their constant change in personalities. But if you look for patterns and consistency, you’ll be able to stay true to this sign.

Excessive Anger MinervaStudio/shutterstock.com

They are Very Promiscuous: With their strong charm, they have the ability to lure unsuspecting people into the bedroom but are not interested in any form of commitment.

They are Very Promiscuous Photographee.eu/shutterstock.com

For psychopaths, it’s not about the intimacy, it’s about the chase and stroking of their own ego. To them, it’s just a simple game that has a happy ending for them.

They are Very Promiscuous IgorPalamarchuk/shutterstock.com

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