Deodorant Challenge Could Leave You With Second-Degree Burns

The ‘Deodorant challenge’ has now become the new craze schoolchildren are partaking in. Along with the ‘Tide Pod challenge’ the deodorant challenge might be competing for the top spot in terms of most ridiculous stunts. This new ‘challenge’ has children spray deodorant on their skin for extended periods of time. After a mother by the name of Jamie Prescott revealed graphic photos of her teenage daughter’s blistered and burnt arm, the public then became aware of this dangerous stunt.

The deodorant challenge can result in some serious chemical burns and, according to Fox 10 News, it can also ‘weep yellow pus for weeks.’ The caption accompanying Jamie Prescott’s photo revealed that the wound was already three weeks old, and it occurred on April 18. As reported by CBS News, it might even require a skin graft in order to properly heal.

Jamie wrote: ‘for any parents who have children, please, please sit them down and show them these pictures. These are the damaging results of something known as ‘The Deodorant Challenge’ which is currently doing the rounds in Yate, a town in England, and literally involves spraying deodorant on to someone else for as long as possible. The pictures below are that of my Year 10 daughter’s arm THREE WEEKS ON which may still as yet require a skin graft.’ Jamie’s post has since been shared nearly 3500 times.

Jamie’s 15-year-old daughter, Ellie said: ‘it seems fairly common, a lot of people have shown me their arms after doing it a while ago.’ According to an article from CBS News, Ellie went to a park to meet some friends when they told her to stick her arm out and to partake in the deodorant challenge.


It was in December of 2017 when a 10-year-old girl from Farnworth, near Bolton, had to be taken to a burn unit after partaking in the challenge. As reported by, the fad has been gaining momentum for quite some time, and back in December a schoolgirl narrowly missed having a skin graft after she took part in the challenge and was left her with burns and no feeling in her hand.


But a Huffington Post article from 2014 revealed that this is not a new challenge and that kids have been partaking in it since at least four years ago. A spokesman from the British Skin Foundation said: ‘we would never encourage the use of any aerosol product in close proximity to the skin for a prolonged period. These products should be used appropriately and responsibly as extended use can lead to the freezing action producing a cryogenic burn. Short term this is both painful and damaging but prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage or disfigurement.’

David Smart, who is a dermatologist at the University of Utah Health said: ‘Depending on how long they spray the aerosol on their skin, kids can effectively give themselves first-, second-, and even third-degree burns. It takes real commitment, such as the deodorant challenge, to burn yourself with aerosol deodorant.’ Jamie Prescott spoke to her regional newspaper, Somerset Live and said that her daughter ‘has to see a practice nurse and go to the surgery once a week […] This challenge really needs to be made as public as possible. It’s just horrendous and needs stopping.’

Facebook / Jamie Prescott

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