Ever Wondered What What It’s Like To Get Lip And Nose Injections?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get non-surgical cosmetic procedures done, U.K. beauty blogger Masna Gurung (masnax on YouTube and Instagram) has you covered. She posted clips of two separate procedures that she underwent: an injectable nose job and lip fillers.

Injectable nose jobs have gained popularity in the past couple of years. Harper’s Bazaar, Buzzfeed, and several beauty bloggers have featured them in their videos. They are also much less invasive, are quick (can be done in about 5 minutes), and the recovery time is almost immediate.

According to Dr. Scott Blyer, surgery isn’t for everyone and there are some situations where a patient can avoid going under the knife. Rhinoplasty, the surgical nose job, can be performed in one of two manners. There’s an open rhinoplasty where a small incision is made under the nose and between the nostrils, giving the doctor access to perform the surgery.  

A closed rhinoplasty is when the incisions are made inside the nose and the surgery is then performed through that access channel. There are several reasons why people undergo the rhinoplasty including to improve breathing and for aesthetic purposes. There are situations, however, where a filler can be used to correct a problem without a surgery.

Dr. Blyer explains that the filler option is especially preferable to a blade when a patient is returning for a revision. Masna Gurung received her non-surgical nose job at Beyond Medispa in London Knightsbridge and she vlogged the experience. The procedure sorted out the bump and balanced the proportions of her nose.

Nose fillers seem counterproductive, especially to those who are looking to make their nose smaller, since they are adding to your nose rather than removing. However, strategic placement of the filler makes the nose appear smaller.

In a YouTube video, she explains that at first she wasn’t convinced whether filler would solve some of the issues she had with her nose like flaring when she smiles. Dr. Tara, the facial aesthetician who performed her procedure, explained that a small amount of botox on either side of her nose will relax the muscles in her nostrils and prevent her nose from flaring as much.

The filler she had injected into her nose is called Teosyal, while the one in her lips is Juvederm. Both non-surgical cosmetic procedures, however, are rather similar. The doctor begins by applying numbing cream to the area. After wiping the numbing cream off, they begin injecting the filler into strategic points so as to plump up that area.

Discussing what the procedure feels like and the pain involved, Gurung says in a video posted to her channel, “I’ve got a really high pain tolerance, remember that. The pain, out of 10 being the worst, is about 5 or 6 but to me, I personally felt it was more of a discomfort than it being something that was painful. It wasn’t something I couldn’t stand, it was just an uncomfortable feeling when the needle went in but it lasted about 0.2 seconds…”

She continues, “As soon as the lip plumper went in, it has anesthetic in it anyway so you couldn’t feel it and she [the doctor] also put numbing cream on top of your lips before she starts. Also, because lips swell very fast, she had to work quickly to get it done.”

Gurung explains that she used to feel self-conscious when going out and putting on lip products. She says that she felt that her face was too big for her lips and she wanted to make her features look proportional. Now, she feels much more comfortable wearing lip gloss and she no longer has to overline her lips to make them appear bigger.

If you’d like to see the videos for yourself, a fair warning in advance that there are needles and blood. You can find the nose job here and the lip filler here. Visit Masna Gurung’s YouTube channel for more on her experience.

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