16 Funny Tweets About Kids


Kids say the darndest things. They don’t care for awkward silences or cringe-worthy moments because they simply don’t get fazed by them. They will tell you how they feel even if it means hurting your feelings. But it is this very authenticity that makes children so adorable. When they say ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ it’s a lot more noteworthy because you know they truly mean it.

But also when they say something that is downright silly or a lot more advanced for their age, you can’t help but laugh.

Here are 16 tweets from parents about their kids.

1. It is absolutely adorable that her little cousin mistook a brownie for a brown ‘E.’ You can tell her cousin cares about her through the careful precision of cutting out that alphabet letter.

Wikipedia brownWikipedia brown

2. Kids are smart. They may look small, tiny and cuddly but those little minds can absorb a lot of information in a very short time span. That comment is either a surefire way to end an argument or just a knack for knowing that presents are fun!


3. This is so genuinely adorable. He knows what he wants and milk isn’t one of those things.

Semi-happy AllySemi-happy Ally

4. Kids are honest. They understand they give you headaches, heartaches and body aches, but they just want to know what a metaphor is.

Sardonic TartSardonic Tart

5. Children have zero concept of time and age. You can look like a teenager and they will still assume you’re a man of 50.


6. This is such a witty response. The child doesn’t even realize he’s being funny or sassy. In the child’s opinion, that is a genuine question that he or she has in mind.

Lurkin' MomLurkin' Mom

7. Kids can sense emotions. So when you feel upset or angry or happy, they can sense your vibe. But sometimes a furrowed brow and a death stare give it away.

Paige KellermanPaige Kellerman

8. It’s good to see a child who knows what relieves stress for them. Despite whatever is the cause of the distress, this child has the creative outlet to vent that anger.

ljeoma Oluoljeoma Oluo

9. I wonder what this child meant by urinating “in the wrong place”? Like in the kitchen? On a bed? I’m so curious!

Maura QuintMaura Quint

10. It’s funny how kids have such weird and unique definitions. For this little girl, being an adult means having the privilege and honor to touch knives. What an adorable thought.


11. This kid knows what’s up! Kittens are adorable, and dads are not so much. The honesty and promptness of the response just go to show how badly this child wants a kitten.


12. This one is super witty. This kid is going to grow up to be quite the quick-thinker. The ability for him to fire back witty remarks almost instantaneously at such a young age is actually quite remarkable.

James BreakwellJames Breakwell

13. Kids do some wacky stuff. It might come from a place of love but the execution of the plan might not always be optimal.

Doyin RichardsDoyin Richards

14. Kids are getting sassier these days. Despite the fact that they are the reason why the family is running late, they can still respond back to dad with a witty remark.


15. You know your kid might be a little troublemaker when they ask if they get a reward for being good ‘today.’ As you can tell by reading the tweet, mom’s love and affection just don’t cut it as a reward.

Ashley AustrewAshley Austrew

16. That is hilarious. This child has already encountered his or her first existential crisis. How can they balance self-love and their curiosity of the world with of obedience, discipline, and feeling love for mom?

Amanda M-WAmanda M-W

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