Waitress Is Astonished By Couple Who Can’t Pay Their Restaurant Bill When She Realizes Their Plan

Those who work in the service industry will tell you that it’s one tough job, and you’re often not treated very well. From standing on your feet all day to dealing with rude customers, to putting up with those who won’t tip – it can be a relief when your day is finally over.

Chelsea Roff, who is a waitress at Spring St. Smokehouse has to deal with all of that on a regular basis but still manages to show up to work with a smile. Chelsea has been through a lot including raising her sister since she was a young girl, battling an eating disorder, and running her own non-for-profit to help those suffering from eating disorders through yoga.  

This deserving waitress showed up to work one day and received the surprise of a lifetime. Chelsea did not know this but she was being filmed. There were several tables strategically set up that she had to wait on. All of these tables were actors and not actual customers. Throughout the day, Chelsea walked around helping customers and in between serving real customers, she was also serving the actors.

As the actors began to settle their bills one by one, Chelsea was in for 4 tips she’ll surely never forget. The first actor left Chelsea a thousand dollar tip. She runs back to her coworkers in amazement to tell them what just happened, and as proof of her generosity and good nature, Chelsea tries to split the tip amongst them all.

The second tip was left by 2 actors who were eating together and called Chelsea over to the table to tell her that unfortunately they only had enough cash for the bill. She was courteous and accepting of the fact that she wouldn’t get a tip. This was until the couple asked if they could give her free tickets for a vacation in Hawaii instead of a tip.

The third actor was a dream job with a clinical psychologist who has been running a non-profit eating disorder program for the past 14 years. The psychologists said that what she’s missing is yoga and she asked Chelsea if she’d like to be part of the program.

The final tip was a car to replace her beaten down old one. The actress handed Chelsea a pair of car keys after standing up and when she asked “what’s this?”, the actress responded, “that’s yours, that’s your car key.” Waiting inside her brand new car was her best friend.

When she jumped out of the car, Chelsea couldn’t believe her eyes. The day that she had was unforgettable and she sank to the ground in shock and delight. Watch the video below to see the entire scene unfold!

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