16 Stories About Grannies Who Made The Childhood Of Their Grandchildren Unforgettable


Everybody has those funny grandma stories that they love to tell. Sure, there are a lot of stories about grandmas that are kind, heartwarming, and full of sage wisdom, but there are also the ones about grandmas being totally hilarious and awesome because grandmas are the best.

Sometimes it’s a story about what a grandma said, sometimes it’s a story about what grandma did. Either way, funny grandma stories make everyone laugh. They also make you realize that even when you get old, you can still be hilarious, if not even more so.

These 16 grandma stories will hopefully have you thinking of your own funny grandma experiences. Grandmas are the best, and not just because they usually spoil their grandkids with gifts and baked goods. No, they’re the best because they can still make anyone laugh and lighten up the room even late into their lives.

1. One person shared their grandma story on Overheard. While their grandma was talking to a neighbor, the neighbor told her that a woman they both knew had moved to the city recently to become a prostitute. The grandma replied that all professions are needed, and someone needs to do that work too. The neighbor reluctantly agreed because she respected the grandma so much. Later, the grandma discovered that her friend had said “prostitute,” when she thought she said “substitute,” as in substitute teaching.

2. Sometimes the best grandma stories end up just being your Grandma saying something blunt and hilarious. They know they don’t have to care what people think anymore.

3. One Reddit user shared the time their grandma said something very confusing about the weather. Sometimes Grandmas still use older sayings that may not translate as well to modern times.

4. Grandmas are the best when they have their own little rituals. When they share them with you, sometimes all you can do is be impressed by their tenacity.

5. Grandmas don’t necessarily have to be aware of what is going on in popular culture, which is why they sometimes forget famous people’s names. However, those times make for some funny grandma stories.

6. Not only are grandmas hilarious and wise, they’re usually tough as nails, too. They’ve lived through more than you can imagine, and they won’t take trouble from anybody.

7. Sometimes Grandmas will know a thing or two about current pop culture, and when they have something to say about it, they’ll definitely say it.

8. Grandmas often have the best comebacks. Years on this planet have sharpened their wits to a fine edge, and anything you say can be thoroughly disarmed by them.

9. Sometimes the funny grandma stories about pop culture involve a sweet grandma just trying to understand what the kids are into these days. It never hurts to ask, right?

10. When grandmas figure out technology, they can become even more powerful. Really though, it’s nice to have them in your life more often this way.

11. When it comes to politics, grandmas have seen quite a bit in their lifetime. So when they look at a political candidate, they know what’s really going on.

12. There are some things that a grandmother just cannot abide, and apparently letting the parents of their grandkids have bad facial hair is one of them.

13. This sounds like the kind of grandma that would be so fun to hang out with. It’s always great when they still have so much attitude to throw around.

14. Just because some grandmas are sweet, kind, and seemingly innocent doesn’t mean they can’t get way too deep into a bottle of wine.

15. Of course, there are some things that grandmas may just never understand, and that’s okay! They just want to live life in their own grandmotherly way.

16. Finally, the best grandma stories are about how much they love their grandchildren, and just want to hear from them. So pick up the phone once in a while and call!

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