Six Dead In Horror Multi-Vehicle Crash In Birmingham

The scene of a horrifying car crash has left citizens in the United Kingdom stunned and appalled. Horrifying pictures of car crashes were posted on social media, as citizens were stunned after a 6 car pile up occurred in an urban area of Birmingham called Edgbridson, where a major highway quickly became the scene of horror.

The crash occurred around 1:00 AM in the morning in the United Kingdom, and emergency vehicles were quick to respond, sectioning off the highway. A spokesperson for the West Midland police said that multiple fatalities had occurred, including the immediate death of a Taxi driver, and their female passenger. A male passenger in the taxi was taken to the hospital where he later died. Police officers working on the scene expressed that this was one of the worst accidents they had ever seen in the Edgbridson area.

Among the other victims in the crash were four men who were not wearing their seatbelts and were immediately thrown from their vehicle. Three of these men died, and the fourth remains in life-threatening condition at a nearby hospital. Several of the male victims of the crash were pinned underneath the taxi, with their legs visibly sticking out from underneath the vehicle to witnesses on the scene. Many pictures of car crashes in the area were taken that show the horrifying nature of the scene.

Police officers described the entire scene as “very difficult and upsetting” as recovery crews were immediately put into action to clean up in the aftermath. Nearby witnesses were praying for the victims and their families. One witness said she was placing an order at a nearby McDonalds when she heard a loud bang and saw several cars continuously slamming one after another. One girl said, “it was the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed.” Emergency crews administered CPR to any victims and tried their best in preserving the loss of life. The accident, which is a tragedy nobody wants right before Christmas, had the West Midland police expressing their condolences to the victims and their families, requesting any information about the crash to be brought to the police for further investigation.

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