25 People Who Left The House Thinking ‘This Is Fine’

We have all experienced that ‘this is fine’ feeling before we left the house. Then we come back to realize none of what we thought was fine was actually fine.

Or we left the house thinking that what we were wearing was fine, but once we are out and we get those looks then we know what we thought was fine, wasn’t.

Below is a list of 25 people who left the house thinking ‘this is fine.’

1. Pineapple Hair: No one goes to get their hair done like this without thinking that this is fine. We are not so sure though if she thought this was still fine once she left her house a couple of times. It’s clear she has got the confidence to pull off this hairstyle, we just wonder how long she kept it going for.

2. Marc For Marc: It’s clear that whoever stitched this patch onto these jeans really liked the name Marc. That is all that’s seen over the patch and we can’t stop laughing. Whoever wore these pants out and thought that it was fine to do so, we wonder if anyone else commented on what this patch said.

3. Empty Plate: When this person had a lovely pot roast dinner they forgot to take the photo of their food before they began eating. But they still wanted to brag on Facebook about their meal so they took a picture of the after effect and told everyone what they had. Whoever thought this was fine we applaud your confidence.

4. Dirty Coffee: This person went to buy a coffee at the store and ended up with dirty water instead. It’s crazy to think that this person paid to have this unacceptable drink given to her. But it is hilarious that the person making the coffee thought this was fine to sell to a customer.

5. I Want Nachos: When this person was asked what they wanted for lunch they said precisely what was on the side of this van. We are not sure if we would trust a van that said this on the side of their van or had the nacho design on the top. So we are wondering why this person thought it was fine to do this.

6. Smashed Car: There is a person driving this smashed up car on the street and they thought it was totally fine. We are not sure what made this person think that driving a car this smashed up was a good idea because it isn’t. If any of us saw this on the street we would be laughing our heads off, which is what we are doing now. But this person should get their car checked out.


7. Turn Of Events: This guy had some YouTube videos claiming that healthy food was making him get ill. So he then decided to only eat fast food from then on. We don’t know why he would think that eating fast food and unhealthy food would make him healthy, but all the power to him.

8. Crystal Cake: This lady made this nice looking unique cake and it turned out customers thought it looked like something else. They compared the cake to looking like women’s private parts instead of looking like the crystal cake it was supposed to be. And after seeing this post we are starting to wonder why this cake maker thought it would look like anything other than this.

9. Face Pillow: We are currently wondering why the makers of this pillow thought this was fine. There is no way that these people wanted the faces to be this close up on the pillows. Hopefully, the people liked what they got sent to them or were able to get their money back. These are some scary looking pillows.

10. Failure: When this kid went to his school this day we are guessing he has no idea he would be getting his student ID taken. When you put on a shirt that says failure there is always the question people have of why someone thought that was fine to do. But when someone is wearing this shirt in their student ID photo we question them even more.


11. Fish Water: This looks like there is a huge disaster that has just happened and this house is standing up pretty well during it. There isn’t one bit of water coming through the window. We hope that these people didn’t think it was fine to leave the house though in this state and should really look for ways to protect things from progressing.

12. Reese’s Cups: If there is one candy bar that should never be messed with it is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Thought this girl posted someone about putting mayo on them. This is not something anyone should ever think is fine. People need to stop messing with the perfection that is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

13. Catfish: When a catfish gets close to you most people would run or swim away. Not this guy. He thought it would be a great idea to grab the catfish by its mouth and swing it around. Why this man thought this was fine to do will always be a mystery. We just hope there wasn’t much damage done after this photo was taken.

14. Glass Van: This van advertises that they fix glasses yet they are driving around with a broken window in the back of their van. This is something that no one driving this van should’ve thought was fine to do. Yet, they did it anyway. We are guessing no one called this van for help with their glass repair after looking at the shape they were in.

15. Granola Coffee: When we wake up a lot of us need coffee immediately before we can function. But sometimes that doesn’t mean we make the best coffee. For this person, they put granola pieces in the filter to make their morning coffee. We can’t help but laugh because this is probably something we will end up doing one day.


16. Moving Car: We are really wondering why this person thought this was fine to do. The car door is half open and can hit anyone walking along the street on that side. There also must be the annoying beeping sound within the car to notify the driver to close the door. This is a lose-lose situation for all.

17. Umbrella Car: This lady is really good at improvising. When her windshield was broken she decided to drive while holding an umbrella. Though we are all for her improvising skills we are wondering how safe this can possibly be. This means she only has one hand to drive…so why does she think this is fine.

18. You Tasted It?: When this bone structure got dug up it was reported that it tastes like almonds. We are wondering why anyone thought it was a good idea to taste these random bones that were just dug out of the ground. We would never think about tasting these bones, we are happy not knowing what they taste like, to be honest.

19. Evacuation Plan: When it comes to this evacuation plan we have a feeling there is going to be a bit of commotion. The fact that there is no clear way out during an evacuation but just to run seems like chaos waiting to happen. And we are wondering why this building thought it was fine for this to be the evacuation plan.

20. Restrooms: This sign looks like it is a kidnapping in the making. We are wondering why this sign was able to get passed in the first place. We want to know who the people are that thought this was fine to put on a restroom sign. It is pretty funny though looking at it.

21. Woodpecker Ride: This weasel thought it was fine to jump on the back of a woodpecker. Judging from the woodpecker’s face it doesn’t look like this was a good idea at all. This woodpecker looks absolutely afraid of what is happening to it. Thanks to this amateur photographer we are able to see this hilarious photo in all of its beauty.

22. Lip Enhancers: This girl wanted to attempt to enhance her lips and bought a lip enhancer at the store. It turned out that her lips ended up bruising as well as the whole area around her lips. The sad thing is is that she has a job interview the next day and will have to show up looking like that. Poor girl.

23. Target Employee: Just because this guy is dressed a lot like a Target employee doesn’t mean that he is. But we have to admit the shirt he is wearing really makes it look like he is a Target employee. Why would he willingly wear this when he knew he would end up going to Target?

24. Dumb Things: If you are going to be wearing this shirt you better do something dumb. And from this photo, we are guessing that this kid did something dumb. We are not sure what came first; the shirt or the injury. But we are loving the fact that this guy is owning up to his mistakes.

25. Condom: When you leave your condoms around the house and you go out you think they will be fine. But you never know when someone is going to come into your room to clean it or look through it. One minute your condom could be neatly hidden but then someone finds it and you are humiliated.

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