16 Photos That Can Make Anyone Not Believe Their Eyes

Some photos out there are so crazy that they make you look twice. “Oh that’s interesting. Wait, what?” However, these unbelievable photos might have you doing a triple take. “Oh that’s interesting. Wait, what? How is that even possible?” You might not believe your eyes when you see these photos that make you look twice (or three times).

Some unbelievable photos are breathtaking or inspiring. Sometimes they’re just very strange or oddly timed. Other times, they’re just so ridiculously weird and wild that you have to stare at them and try to figure out what’s going on. The world is a very strange place, and it’s not every day that the weirdest things are captured on camera.

These 16 unbelievable pictures are the kinds of pictures that pull you in and devour all of your attention. You’ll be wondering if you can even believe your eyes, or if your brain is just playing some kind of strange trick on you as you look twice at every one of these unbelievable photos. You might be consumed by the strangeness, even after you’ve looked at every single amazing picture.

1. It’s never good to judge people on their looks, but this picture either shows a man with a very feminine body, or a woman with a very masculine face.

2. Hold on a second, are we really looking at a picture of a woman who has eight fingers, or are we just crazy? Actually, this is just some really awesome body art.

3. Crows are considered one of the smartest birds on the planet, and seeing one riding a vulture rather than tiring itself out is pretty good proof of that.

4. Cows don’t just spend all of their time standing in fields and eating grass. Sometimes they like to have a little fun, and when there are dogs around, who could resist?

5. You probably thought glowing mushrooms would only appear in video games, but the truth is that they exist in real life, too. Makes the forest just a little more magical, doesn’t it?

6. No, this isn’t a cool composite photo. It is actually just the result of the flash going off from a different camera. Bet you never thought a phone flash could actually make a picture look good.

7. It almost looks like this plane is flying into a magical lost city that’s been hidden from the world, but it’s actually just Chicago being reflected in Lake Michigan.

8. When the price of a house becomes too much for someone, their only option left is to go to the sea. No, we’re not talking about houseboats, we’re talking about living in the sea.

9. Well la-dee-freakin-da! Believe it or not, this isn’t the reincarnation of the hilarious Chris Farley, but rather just someone doing a perfect Farley cosplay.

10. This amazing picture might make your brain hurt. What you’re looking at here is actually a classic painting of Napoleon Bonaparte recreated by artificial intelligence.

11. This photo is not the result of perfect timing or any kind of trick photography. It is simply an experiment showing the results of perfectly positioning objects to achieve a center of gravity.

12. Prepare to have your mind blown: This image is not a photograph. It is a photorealistic oil painting created by artist Pedro Campos, hence why there is no camera reflection in the glass.

13. You might think that this floor is a real pain to vacuum, but the truth is that it’s actually completely flat. Some people have probably been thrown off balance by this.

14. Now, this is a perfectly serene picture of a lake. That is, it would be if there was actually any water in this photo. You’ve actually just been tricked by the camera angle.

15. Add this to the list of places where you’d never want to find yourself. This is the view of a ship right before a wave comes crashing down on top of it.

16. If these unbelievable photos prove anything, it’s the world around you isn’t always what it seems, and taking a closer look can reveal some pretty amazing truths. This final photo shows a hovering dog. Okay, it’s not hovering, the photo is just perfectly timed.

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