Time Traveler Says He Is From The Year 6,000 And Claims To Have Picture That Proves It

Time travel has always been a dream of scientists and was first popularized by famed Author H. G. Wells in his book The Time Machine. Charles Dickens’ famed story A Christmas Caro also deals with time travel in a way. The concept itself has been long fantasized about, however, the logistics of actually travelling through time are so astronomically and theoretically impossible at the moment that it really just fodder for fiction.

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Unfortunately, it seems that there are some people in this world, especially conspiracy theorists, who not only think time travel is possible, they’ve convinced themselves that they’ve actually done it though some means of paranoid delusion. What really appears to be a work of hardly-convincing fiction from a first person’s confessional narrative, a youtube channel called ApexTV has interviewed a man who claims to have travelled 6000 years into the future, and miraculously claims to have photographic evidence!

The “time traveller” in question then reveals a photo that is distorted and blurry stating that “in the time travel process photos like this tend to get blurry” … right. The photo he shows appears to be a futuristic-looking city landscape. The “traveller” says that he was involved in a top secret program to travel to the future, and requested that his face be distorted for the interview so that he couldn’t be tracked by the ‘futuristic technologies.’

The so-called ‘traveller’ also claims that the ‘government’ plans to release it’s announcement about it’s plans to time travel sometime in the year 2028. So I suppose we have a few years to go yet before we have any definitive answers. The man being interviewed also claims that humanity has nothing to fear from Artificial Intelligence and in fact humans and AI are merging as one. However, the video does not end there.

time travellerApexTV | YouTube

After watching this video for a while, it becomes more and more clear that this isn’t some testimonial or interview by a reputable YouTube channel, but rather, a bizarre backyard confessional by some kind of awkward teenager, who out of embarrassment of performing the content in his own home, ventured out into the local park to be left alone with his camera.

time travellerApexTV | YouTube

It’s also clear that this young man most likely watched a tutorial online on how to blur out faces and distort audio. He then chose to capitalize on this new talent and thought it would be fun to try and convince the people of the internet while getting himself a large amount of clicks. When you get further into the video, the ‘traveller’ sounds far less convincing when he begins giving a testimonial about a friend that travelled with him, that was supposedly ‘left’ in the year 6000.

The video concludes with the ‘traveller’ saying that he will soon be eliminated for telling any of his secrets so that is why he is talking to the people of YouTube about his experience. All in all, this video seems like pretty clickbaity trash and doesn’t merit any real investigation at all. I suppose that’s what the internet is for when you start to think about it. It’ll allow any person or company to write on any topic in hopes that it’ll gain a lot of followers, no matter how outlandish the concept must be! Our only hope is that this person who uploaded the video has some real evidence to backup their bold claims!

time travellerApexTV | YouTube

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