24 People Who Hate Humans So They Invited Llamas In Bowties To Their Weddings Instead

They Invited Llamas In Bowties To Their Weddings Instead

For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, there is now an organization that allows you to invite Llamas to weddings. Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas is an organization that allows people to invite llamas to weddings.

It’s said that these llamas will not only be there for entertainment purposes but to also interact with the guests at the wedding. Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas state that all the proceeds go to the organization’s therapy and education program. So if you are someone who likes llamas and would like them to be at your wedding to celebrate your big day, invite one. For the moment these llamas are only available for weddings taking place in Portland, OR, or Vancouver, WA, but we are sure if this trend catches on they will be available worldwide.

We know that this might be hard to believe so to prove this actually happens, we have compiled a list of 24  photos of llamas in bowties at weddings.

1. Bride and Groom: When the llamas come to a wedding they actually dress up as well. The female will dress like the bride and the male will dress like the husband. They keep it all very formal so that the couple gets what they have paid for. And in return, the guest will get the full llama experience.

Bride and GroomInstagram /u/ @weddingllamas

2. Human Bride and Groom: Having llamas at a wedding may not be ideal for all people, but for this couple, they couldn’t be happier. It could be that the two of them really like llamas or that it was a surprise. Either way, it looks like this bride and groom are truly enjoying this experience.

3. Interaction With Guests: The organization states that these llamas don’t only provide entertainment but also interact with the guests. If that is so, we have figured out what the interaction with guests means. It seems the guy in this photo isn’t happy with the llama interaction that is occurring, but it sure is making all of us laugh.

 Interaction With GuestsInstagram /u/ @weddingllamas

4. Some Aren’t Happy: This photo must be what happens when someone has llamas invited to their wedding when they don’t want them there. This woman looks miserable posing next to the llama. We are not sure if this woman is a guest or the actual bride, but it’s safe to say she isn’t pleased.

5. Happy Wife…Happy Life: It looks as though this groom was getting a head start on the whole happy wife, happy life motto. He seems to be slightly uncomfortable with the whole llama at their wedding experience. On the other hand, his bride looks completely smitten with the fact she has llamas at her wedding.

6. Give ‘Em A Hug: When you are around animals it’s easy to pick out the people who like them from those who don’t. The ones who like them tend to hug them or hang out near them, like this lady. She is getting up close and personal with this guest llama. We have to admit the llama looks pretty happy about the embrace.

7. This Is The Entertainment Purpose: There are many people who are probably wondering what kind of entertainment a llama would bring to a wedding. The answer lies in this photo. Llamas are able to stand there and pose for photos with guests. We are sure this will be a hit at weddings considering that many people will want proof that llamas were at the wedding.

8. Don’t Forget To Take Them For A Walk: All animals need exercise, this is no different for wedding guest llamas. When the bride and groom go outside they take the llamas with them to join them on their walk as a married couple. We are sure guests do this also to give the llamas some fresh air. We can’t help but notice how happy the llamas look.

 Don’t Forget To Take Them For A WalkInstagram /u/ @weddingllamas

9. Sometimes People Forget They’re Llamas: Guessing from this photo the llamas effortlessly blend into the wedding so much that guests forget they are llamas. This guy appears to be feeding the llama out of his own mouth. This is something most people do when they are family, extremely close friends or partners. It appears the two of them are enjoying themselves.

10. I’m Not Kissing You: This bride and groom look like they are madly in love with each other and completely content with having these llamas there to celebrate their love with them. We can’t help but notice that even though the llamas are dressed to mimic the bride and groom, they don’t seem to share the same affection for each other.

11. Guests Get Attached: Some people might think that the problem with having llamas at a wedding is that people won’t like them. Yet, there is another problem that can occur if someone likes the llamas too much just as this lady appears to. These guests may grow attached and these llamas may end up stealing the spotlight at the wedding from the bride and groom.

12. They Might Get Stolen: The human wedding guests in this photo look like they are going to take home the llamas. For those of you thinking that it would be weird to have llamas at a wedding, look at how happy these guests are. It seems like they are all enjoying their time at this llama-themed wedding.

13. They Make Their Move: Thinking about it rationally there might be some problems that come up when you invite llamas to a wedding. They are loving animals that grow attached to people who are nice to them. So it is no surprise that these llamas tried to kiss these human wedding guests. The woman seems pretty into it, but the guy appears a bit hesitant.

14. The Real Stars: When Instagram account user @ruhbekahlee went to a wedding that had guest llamas she stated in her post of this photo that she had a really good time at this llama wedding. If you are a couple that is planning to get married and are thinking of getting some llamas to join in on the fun, think about the possibility that the highlight of your guest’s night may be the llamas and not you.

15. Matching Outfits: When these llamas come to the wedding they usually dress like the bride and groom. This married couple doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that they are in an outfit competition with these llamas. They are really happy that these llamas joined them for their celebration of love.

 Matching Outfitskimsmithmiller

16. Here For The Good Times: Now inviting llamas to weddings isn’t only fun for the humans, it’s also fun for the llamas who go. Take this llama, for example, she looks as though she is very happy to be at this celebration. She even gave a quick wink to the camera to show her appreciation.

17. Nothing Strange Here: We have to admit that it still sounds strange to invite llamas to a wedding, but who are we judging. We are sure there are people out there that wish they could invite a bunch of different animals to their wedding. The expression on these llamas’ faces is enough to state that we shouldn’t judge the choices of others.

18. Stop Yelling At Me: When these llamas show up dressed as the bride and groom they get into character. This groom llama is already yelling at the bride llama and they haven’t even left the place of their ceremony yet. Judging by the look on that bride llama’s face, she ain’t having any of it.

19. Feeding Time: After the bride and groom get married they end up spending some of their time with the llamas. Both of them look really happy with their choice to invite these llamas to their wedding and the bride is even sharing some of her food with the bride llama. We wonder, if they got married again would they change anything?

20. Happy Husband: This newlywed husband is very happy walking with this llama. We can’t help but notice that the llama is really happy to be walking with him also. After listing so many photos of these wedding guests’ llamas we are starting to think that every wedding should have llamas at them.

 Happy Husbandkimsmithmiller

21. Look Over Here: This wedding photographer has a real challenge on their hands. These llamas don’t seem like they are interested in looking at the camera for a good photo. They seem more interested in what is going on in the direction they are looking. We are thinking it must be food, everyone ignores cameras when there is food around.

Look Over HereInstagram /u/ @weddinglla

22. How Romantic: It turns out that a good wedding photographer is able to make any wedding look romantic. This beautiful photo of the bride and groom kissing is really romantic, even though there are two llamas in it with them. We can’t help but laugh at the fact that the husband is holding onto the wife but the wife is holding onto the llamas.

23. Stop Kissing My Spouse: This newlywed couple seems to be very happy with their choice to bring guest llamas to their wedding. The bride and groom even let the llama bride and groom kiss them after they got married. Though they don’t look that in love with the llamas kissing them right after their vows.

24. One Happy Llama: The cute llama bride in this photo looks really happy to be at this wedding. We aren’t sure though if this llama bride knows that this wedding isn’t hers, it’s a human wedding. Either way, this bride llama looks very pleased that she was able to dress up and go out for the day.

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