Trolls Shame Pink After She Posts Photo Of Her Family

Trolls Shame Pink After She Posts Photo Of Her Family

Singer-songwriter Pink has always embraced her motherly side. She’s been open about sharing her domestic life via Instagram pictures, which puts her at risk of being scrutinized. That’s exactly what happened recently after she posted a picture of herself cooking with her children.

When you go through Pink’s Instagram feed, you’ll see that both of her children make regular appearances in her snaps. She has a daughter, Willow Sage Hart, born in 2011, and a son, Jameson Moon Hart, born in 2016. And unfortunately, the young family isn’t immune to the trolls.

Along with her husband, retired motocross racer Carey Hart, the family is always seen together in Pink’s Instagram feed. This particular picture of Pink cooking stirred some controversy among internet users.

Like any mother, Pink seems to be a loving and dedicated parent. And, just like any parent, she needs to multitask from time to time.

Trolls Shame Pink After She Posts Photo Of Her Familyinstagram

But some users weren’t having it. They criticized Pink’s choice to have both children in the kitchen while she prepared dinner.

One user wrote: “Dangerous stuff for your kids! Stop doing this! U a great singer, don’t need to expose your baby to boiling oil. Are you insane these days?”

Another user, a self-proclaimed mother of four boys, wrote: “1 kid on the counter on kid strapped to her chest the closest to the hot pan I mean it is pretty stupid coming from a mom of 4 boys not allowed in the kitchen when I’m cooking”

But the more reasonable users came to Pink’s aid. One person wrote: “You rule. I can barely cook dinner for myself as a 29-year-old woman without kids, and I can’t even imagine trying to do so while wrangling two little ones”

Trolls Shame Pink After She Posts Photo Of Her Familyinstagram

Another user reminded Pink that not everyone is a mom-shaming troll: “Like a seasoned pro. Cheers to being strong women raising strong women.”

Pink was completely unbothered by the mini-controversy. After all, she’s a strong supporter of attachment parenting. This practice involves continuous physical closeness and touch between a mother and her children.

In an interview with Essential Baby, Pink said: “I support attachment parenting 100%… And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it.”

In response to the mom-shaming trolls, Pink made a quick comment under the picture, saying: “I’m relieved that most of you see the ridiculousness of the comment situation. Lord help us all.”

Other than that, she moved on and continued to share adorable pictures of herself and her family. After all, ignoring the trolls is always the perfect response.

There’s a very insidious trend online of shaming and judging every action a parent takes any time they post a picture of their children.

Trolls Shame Pink After She Posts Photo Of Her Familyinstagram

Personally, we’re glad Pink is such an involved mother who makes a point to spend a lot of time with her children in spite of her busy life as an international pop star.

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