Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Were Heartbroken After They Realized They Couldn’t Have Kids

The split of Hollywood It couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux came as a shock to everyone. Aniston, 49, and Theroux, 46, were married for over two years when they announced that they were calling it quits.

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The famous couple got engaged back in 2012 while working as co-stars on Wanderlust, and it seemed like the two of them had found their happily ever after. But according to People, it wasn’t long after they got hitched that issues popped up within the relationship. One of those issues was the fact that they weren’t able to have kids, a source close to Aniston told People.

The source told People mag, ‘When Jen met Justin, she had almost given up on the idea that she would have kids.’ The tabloids had been speculating for years whether or not the Friends actress was, or would soon be, pregnant with Justin’s child. Jennifer Aniston became so frustrated with all the unwanted attention that she addressed the rumours in multiple interviews, stating it was no one’s business, that it did not take away from her femininity if she didn’t want children, and that the tabloid photos pointing out her stomach claiming she was pregnant were harmful and ridiculous.

But the speculation on whether or not Aniston wanted children started as early as when she was with Brad Pitt; some sources said it was Brad’s desire for a family that was causing trouble in the relationship. Brad then ended up with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, a single mom to her adopted son Maddox who wanted a bigger family. But Aniston always denied the rumors that her disinterest in children drove Brad away, and continued to relay that she planned on having children.

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Aniston had shot down pregnancy rumors during their relationship, stating to People: ‘I just find it to be energy that is unnecessary and not really fair for those who may or may not [have children].’ She had also made a point to tell the magazine: ‘Who knows what the reason is, why people aren’t having kids. There’s a lot of reasons that could be, and maybe it’s something that no one wants to discuss.’ But sources told People that when Aniston got together with Theroux, starting a family was a priority for the couple.

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Jennifer Aniston also said that her maternal choices weren’t directly linked to her happiness or feeling of fulfillment in her life. But People reported that the couple was devastated when they discovered it wasn’t in the cards for them and pushed past it for the sake of their marriage: ‘She has been sad that it never happened, but it never consumed her,’ said the source.

Sources close to the couple constantly talked about the chemistry and respect Jen and Justin had for each other. But according to the mag, not being able to have children was just one of several factors that led to the split. They also argued over where they wanted to live; Aniston preferred L.A. while Theroux wanted to stay in New York.

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