24 Photos Proving That Absolutely Anything Is Possible in This World

In a world of such beauty and wonder, it’s hard to argue against the miraculous. Truthfully, it has been our experience that coincidence is more of a source of amazement rather than some miraculous chain of events.

However, we can’t help but believe that sometimes anything is possible in the world. When you see photographic evidence from anything to the miraculous or fantastic, to the downright mind-blowing, you question how this reality is even possible before thinking about the rationale behind it all.

Sometimes you’ll see a photo of nature taking over in an impossible environment, or even a photo of an animal you didn’t think existed, however many such things are possible. If you don’t believe us, then see for yourselves! The following 24 photos prove that anything is possible in this world, and when you see this kind of content you can understand why.

1) This Building: This building is currently undergoing some kind of construction, and after looking at it, it’s clear that it doesn’t quite seem possible. How can a building rest on such a wall like this? However, physics and a really great foundation, are likely to blame. Also, it’s an optical illusion because it isn’t just a wall, it’s a V-shaped wedge which can hold a lot more weight, but from the angle of the photograph, it’s hard to see that.

2) Lego Bricks: Legos are one of the most popular toys in all of the world, and it’s no doubt that they have alternative uses other than to be used for creative play. Here, someone has taken a bunch of Legos to create a perfect replacement brick to this patio. Clearly, this person thought that anything is possible to repair by using Lego.

3) This Plant: At first glance, this looks like a fake plant, but actually, it’s incredibly real. The stems have managed to grow like this through the art of Topiary, which includes a mixture of pruning, and shaping the branches as they grow to form this unique-looking stem! Doesn’t it look wonderful?

4) Magical Snow Path: This is such a beautiful winter wonderland. This path was laid out by lining a walkway and the sidewalk to this home with Christmas lights, however, the snow covered the entire land, creating this absolutely wonderful and beautiful work of art. Now the ground looks like it’s magically glowing out of the snow.

5) Water into Wine: Who said that turning water into wine was only magic that happened in the bible? This dripping tap has created a miraculous and natural sculpture of a wine bottle. It’s uncanny how closely it resembles wine. Perhaps this tap is an angel from heaven. Thank you blessed, tap.

6) Unintentional Matching: This person decided to put on his favorite pair of shoes before they started their day. After walking around, they noticed that after stepping onto an escalator their feet disappeared. However, this is actually just a hilarious case of coincidental camouflage. These shoes are so much fun though!

7) Hole In One: It’s pretty miraculous and skillful when a golfer can get a hole in one, but what about a bolt of lightning? This golf flag on the golf course acted as a lightning rod and from the burn dispersal in the grass, you can see how the energy of the electricity traveled through the ground after it struck. Neato.

8) These Icicles: Normally, when you think of icicles, you think of the traditional vertical shards of death that hang off of your awning during a brutal winter. However, these icicles have formed in a very strange way because the wind pushed the melting snow away from the awning, causing the ice to form at an extreme angle. Wowzer.


9) Wal-Mart Goat: When you head to the local Walmart to pick up some essential items like paper towels and toilet paper, the last thing you’d ever expect is to see a woman walking around carrying a goat in a baby carrier, but from this photo, we can’t think of any more solid evidence that anything is possible in this world.


10) The Circle Of Life: When we think of the food chain, we think of apex predators being at the top, circling down to the lowest prey in the ecosystem, but this fisher didn’t expect to see a real-life description of this. When fishing for crab, this fisherman picked up some crabs, that were fighting over fish, that they were about to eat. Funky!

11) The Way This Tree Grew: There’s that old saying from Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park that comes to mind when you see a photo like this, and that is “life finds a way.” Clearly, this tree found a very efficient way of surviving in this urban environment, by growing its roots to the pattern of the bricks around it in order to soak in as much water as possible from the ground below! Clever girl!


12) Patch Of Green: Another fantastic example of life, “finding a way” is through this patch of grass, that somehow managed to poke through this pylon in the ground, and actually grow out of a crack in the pavement as well! It’s always amazing to watch nature fight back against human urban sprawl.

13) This Pudgy Wombat: Believe it or not this little cuddle monster is called a Wombat, which is a marsupial that is native to Australia. However, don’t let their cute appearance fool you. Humans can receive injuries from Wombats including puncture wounds from their claws, and injuries from their bites. Still, they’re pretty cute, aren’t they?

14) Schönbrunn Garden in Vienna: This beautiful arrangement of trees is called the Schönbrunn Garden, located in Vienna, Austria. The trees are cut in such a way to have a geometric and pleasing look to the eye. However, when looking at it for a long time it looks as though its a glitch in the Matrix or something!

15) Movie Set: This elaborate film production is transforming this modern street into a film production by laying out sheets of faux cobblestone and brick to give the appearance of a far-older street than you’d think. What a clever way to completely transform a road. Asphalt wasn’t invented until 1870, so perhaps this production takes place in a location which precedes this date?

16) Tea Reading: When you think of tea-reading, you expect to see images and interpretations in the tea leaves. However, this person discovered a perfect paw print made out of bubbles! What a fun a miraculous discovery! Perhaps adopting an adorable puppy in their future? Or maybe there’s a dog somewhere nearby that requires petting!


17) This Sidewalk: Whoever said that walkways in this world needed to be boring? Clearly, the person who designed this urban pedestrian area thought anything is possible and built an interesting wiggling sidewalk rather than an old boring one! Wouldn’t this be way more fun to walk down on? We certainly think so!


18) All Thumbs: This man was born with a unique mutation in his right hand. Imagine having two working thumbs? This condition is formally known as Polydactyly, where a person may be born with extra digits or toes. This condition is the opposite of the condition known as Oligodactyly, where a person might be born with fewer fingers or toes.


19) Pharmacy: This pharmacy had a few letters burn out for their outdoor sign, resulting in a humorous and or potentially poetic statement. The word “harm” appears, conjuring up thoughts of the artistic kind. You can see this being a display in some kind of museum or perhaps a  modern art show.


20) Life In Winter: This person threw out the seeds from one of his Jalapeños and noticed that somehow even through the dead of winter the seeds began to sprout outside. He brought in the plant, put it in a box, and watched as the plant grew on its own. Soon, he’ll likely have fresh peppers to put in his food! Yummy!


21) This Moss: The way that the moss is growing on this evergreen tree takes on the appearance of its own forest. If you look at the photo from the side it looks like a bunch of tiny trees is sprouting out from the trunk, giving the illusion that it’s a forest too. Isn’t nature so beautiful?


22) Mustard Country: This person had started to build themselves a sandwich when miraculously the Dijon mustard they placed on the toasted bread took on the likeness of the United States of America (minus Alaska and Hawaii). We also believe that this person put entirely way too much mustard on this sandwich.


23) Heart Pothole: Let’s face it. Nobody likes potholes. Nobody enjoys having their tires ruined, or axle worn down, or their bumpers scrapped off because of road disrepair. However, it’s hard to argue the hate when this little pothole is trying to show so much love! It’s a reminder to embrace our imperfections, to slow down, and enjoy life’s little surprises!


24) Iguanas: These beautiful iguanas have all taken on decidedly different colors which is just wonderful. Each is so unique in their own way, it’s hard to even believe! Clearly, anything is possible even in nature! They’re absolutely adorable and I want to keep some of them as pets. What do you think?


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