Fitness Model Shares Revealing Photo, Then Lists All The Ways It’s Photoshopped

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty selective on what photos we post on our Instagram. It’s honestly a few-step process to post the perfect photo on your page. You first pick the photo, then pick the perfect filter, maybe do a few edits and post!

People seem to forget sometimes that you can’t always believe what you see on Instagram. Girls post these stunning photos of themselves and we often think “man, I wish I looked like that”. But it’s not reality and it’s important to remember that.

Karina Irby, a social media star fitness vlogger and CEO of Moana Bikini, decided to step up and keep it real for her followers. She posted a photo side-by-side of her in a bikini. One is edited and one is not.

Irby posted a list on her Instagram listing all of the edits that a typical Insta-famous person makes to a photo.

She noted that she completely transformed the photo with various touch-ups. Reading them is a huge wake-up call.

Some included: “fully body skin smooth, enlarged my booty, sucked in my tummy, sucked in my back, thinned out my arms”

The list continued. She also noted that she thinned out her quads, made her neck a bit skinnier, she got rid of her scars and cellulite and made her breasts rounder.

After reading those, take another look at the two photos. Do you see the difference? Personally, I wasn’t expecting to notice such a difference, so this was really shocking to see.

The whole point of Irby doing this is a really strong message that she’s trying to put out there to the public. She said it very simply, “let’s get real”.

People were all about what Irby was trying to do here. All of us get pretty self-conscious every once in awhile about the way we look. Especially when we scroll through Instagram.

One person commented on Irby’s photo: “Good on you for exposing just one of the many editing tricks used to hide the true image…”

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