Woman Takes Her Husband To An Important Dinner At Her New Boss’ House, Doesn’t Expect It To End Like This

A Reddit user known as Defenestrate_me_now shared a rather unusual undercooked steak story on the website, involving dinner with his wife and her new boss. These kinds of dinners can be awkward enough, but when someone throws a steak through the window, well they can get even more awkward.

That’s right. Defenestrate_me_now literally threw the steak through the window. At least, he would have, had the window not been closed. Yes, it’s worse than you might be thinking. The thrown piece of meat never even made it out of the house. The story told by the Reddit user is absolutely mortifying.

What makes the story so much better though is that years after Defenestrate_me_now posted the original undercooked steak story, his wife, going by the username mrs_defenestrator posted the story from her point of view. The whole thing is almost too good to believe, and definitely good for a laugh at this poor husband’s expense.

The night started innocently enough, with Defenestrate_me_now assuring his wife that he would be on his absolute best behaviour while having dinner with her boss.

The wife’s boss had served up a delicious meal of steaks for all three of the diners. This would be exciting for almost anyone, but Defenestrate_me_now had an issue with his meat.

That’s when Defenestrate_me_now got an idea. Should he have maybe thought this through more? Probably, but action had to be taken, so he seized his opportunity.

This was where the story took a terrible, horrible turn. Defenestrate_me_now had not planned for things to go so wrong, but then again he hadn’t really made much of a good plan anyway.

Defenestrate_me_now struggles to make an excuse, as any person would. Then again, most people would not try to throw a steak through the window. He then proceeds to consume the thrown piece of meat.

It’s hard to feel too bad for this guy after he did something so insanely stupid, but every man has to know that the silent treatment from his wife is one of the worst psychological tortures.

Almost two years later, Defenestrate_me_now’s wife chimes in with her side of the story, and seeing the events from her point of view makes everything seem that much crazier.

As the audience already knows, mrs_defenestrator’s steak was perfectly cooked, so of course, she had no clue as to the horror that was about to unfold in her boss’ dining room.

This woman obviously knows her husband well, as she has already explained that he has a propensity for doing dumb things. However, this action completely caught her by surprise.

So many questions must have been running through this poor woman’s head, as she failed to comprehend why her husband would do something so outrageous.

Mrs_defenestrator got angry, really angry. Of course, she did! How could her husband do something like this? When he looks for her to back him up, she just leaves him hanging.

It’s a good thing the boss was willing to take the whole thing in stride because the situation is far too ridiculous to be explained (despite the husband’s best efforts).

Mrs_defenestrator does not get any more relief from hearing why her husband would do something so insane. However, she does note how she made decisions in the future.

However dumb her husband’s decision was, mrs_defenestrator admits that he is a good husband and father who rarely does such insanely stupid things in other situations.

Of course, other Reddit users chimed in on the story. Here, easygenius proposes an elegant solution to Defenestrate_me_now that would have been far better than what he did.

Another Reddit user perfectly summed up how this whole situation seems almost too hilarious to not be used in some sort of marketing for window cleaning products.

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