Two Dogs Mauled Their Virginia Owner To Death During A Walk In The Woods, A Sheriff Says

Two dogs mauled Bethany Lynn Stephens to death, according to the Goochland County Sheriff’s department. It was a grisly and tragic event, made only worse by the fact that the dogs were Bethany’s pets. It began with Bethany taking her two pit bulls out for a walk in the woods. She loved her dogs and had raised them since they were puppies. According to Sheriff Jim Agnew, the scene he investigated suggested that the dogs attacked their owner and killed her. “It was an absolutely grisly mauling,” Agnew told reporters.

Bethany Lynn Stephens had been missing for about a day after she told her father she was taking the dogs out for a walk. Her father became concerned for Bethany’s safety and called 911 and went to look for her in the woods that she frequented. While searching for Bethany, he found a scene that deeply disturbed him. What he saw was Bethany’s two pit bulls guarding what he at first thought was an animal carcass. However, it was actually the body of his daughter, mauled almost beyond recognition.

In a statement to the press, Sheriff Agnew laid out exactly what investigators think happened, and they did not believe that there was any foul play. While the department was made aware of a person who could have been a threat to Bethany Lynn Stephens, they did not find any physical evidence of a homicide on the body. As speculation and accusations regarding the specifics of Bethany’s death began to mount on social media, Agnew made another statement to bolster the department’s conclusion that the two dogs mauled Stephens to death.

Agnew stated that puncture wounds were present on Bethany’s skull, as well as defensive wounds which suggested she was still alive when she was attacked. It was the sheriff’s department’s official position that the two dogs attacked their owner and mauled her to death. Originally, Agnew did not want to release additional information to protect the family, but in order to quell the online furor, he stated to reporters: “I observed, as well as four other deputy sheriffs observed, the dogs eating the rib cage on the body.”

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