12 Painful And Ridiculous Ways People Have Broken Their Body Parts

Have you ever had an injury that you were ashamed of? There are some great stories out there about people who have broken body parts in truly spectacular ways. However, some of these stupid injuries have left people permanently infirmed. It must be a strange feeling to get hurt being dumb and then have to live with a permanent injury.

These stories of broken body parts will make you appreciate your own health. They may also make you want to be more careful in your everyday life. After all, if you could become permanently injured just from slipping on a banana peel or even just moving your body in a weird way, you might think twice about everything you do.

These 12 stories of people’s broken body parts might make you laugh, but they may also make you feel lucky that they didn’t happen to you. What’s really funny to think about is the fact that these people had to explain these injuries to highly trained medical professionals, who probably just shook their heads.

1. There are many ways to dislocate your knee. If you’re lucky it happens when you’re doing something cool, not trying to dance at a yogurt shop.

2. Sometimes a freak injury is just going to happen. All the pieces fall into place like a scene from Final Destination.

3. Some stupid injuries can at least look pretty crazy to the people around you. This must have been quite the show.

4. This story may not involve broken bones or bruises, but this person definitely injured at least one part of themselves: their dignity.

5. You may have heard of adding insult to injury. The situation this poor person found them is literally adding injury to insult.

6. If you get in a car accident and you get whiplash, people will feel bad for you. If you get whiplash making a bed? Probably not so much.

7. If ever there was a reason to switch to a standing desk, it would be that sitting too long can result in broken bones (somehow).

8. Why do some companies insist on packaging their products so heavily that you risk serious injury just trying to open them?

9. Next time you’re leaning back in your chair and someone tells you not to and you ask, “what could go wrong?” Think about this:

10. If you have a bad habit you need to break, there’s probably no better way than suffering a really dumb injury while you’re doing it.

11. No one would ever think that you could get injured in your sleep, but as you get older, you realize that you can get hurt doing anything.

12. Just remember, injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. So always be prepared at all times because you never know when your body will entirely fail.

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