Daughter Shows What Alzheimer’s Did To Her Mother Over 2 Years And Her Last Works Will Melt Your Heart

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that wreaks havoc with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually start off slow and they tend to get worse over time. In some instances, it can be so deleterious to the point where it affects daily tasks.

A 34-year-old Reddit user from Camden, New Jersey, decided to showcase the effects of Alzheimer’s on her mother’s crocheting.

The unnamed woman showed the 14 crocheted squares made during the two years after her mother’s diagnosis.

The different crochets show the progression of her mother’s condition. She wrote: ‘she made squares for a while, then the circles, then the little pieces of crochet, until she got to the point where she just carried around the needles and yarn in her purse.’


She continued: ‘it has been a few years since she was able to speak and several since she was able to identify who I am.’


The unknown woman went on to say that she found the bag of all the ‘odds and ends’ that her mother had crocheted after she got sick and she felt compelled to take them all out to track her progression.


She wrote: ‘seeing her go through all this has taught me to really embrace living.’


‘There are a lot of big changes and leaps I’ve made that I most likely would not have if I hadn’t lost her so early on in my life (I was 22 when she first got diagnosed.)’


She went on to say that dealing with her mother’s health has helped her ‘better appreciate the grieving and death process.’ And people on Reddit rallied behind her with support. Her mother is now 66 years old which means that she has lived the past 12 years with Alzheimer’s.

One supporter wrote: ‘wow, I’m so sorry for you. What an amazing visual for a concept that can be really tough to grasp.’


Another said: ‘recently lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s. What a haunting photo. Sending virtual good vibes to you and your family.’


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