25 Things That Exist For Reasons No One Knows

We have all come by things that simply exist and we have no explanation as to why.

This could be a type of food combination or something simple like the gap in a toilet stall. Whatever the thing is we constantly wonder what the reason was for making it.

Below is a list of 25 things that exist for reasons no one knows.

1. 7up Cake: We will never know why someone thought 7up and cake should be mixed together. Yet here we are looking at a photo of the combination of the two. We are really curious as to what this cake is going to be like. But we are even more curious about the people who bought it and the reasons why they did.

Tumblr /u/ zackisontumblr

2. Scary Car: There is simply no reason that this car should be a thing unless it’s Halloween. If we were walking down the street and saw this car we would run in the opposite direction. There is no reason for why someone thought it was a good idea to transform their car to look like this. We really wish we could meet the person who did this and ask why.

3. Scary Pikachu: Everyone has been brought up on Pokemon, well if not everyone, a lot of people have. We all loved Pikachu and after seeing this picture we can say that we are now afraid of Pikachu. There is no reason for this statue of Pikachu to look this horrifying. We feel bad for that kid.

4. Camel Toe Shoes: There is no reason why someone would want a pair of these camel toe shoes. The only possible explanation for these shoes to be on the market must be for people obsessed with camels, maybe even people who want to transform into one. But that group of people is slim to none.


5. Toilet Restaurant: When we think of a bathroom we think of using it to get rid of our waste. Well, this restaurant must have thought differently because the whole theme of their store is toilets. We don’t know why someone would think that serving food out of a toilet would be a good idea.

6. Hair Stairs: When we think of hair we think of it on our head or our bodies, but not the stairs. We are not sure why someone would want a set of stairs that are completely covered in hair, it doesn’t make any sense. If you tried to walk down them then you would probably slip and the hair adds nothing visually pleasing either. Pointless.

7. Ear Earing: We don’t know how many people would want a third ear that was attached to another ear, but if you do maybe you would want this. Someone made this earing that resembles an actual ear. We don’t know what the possible reason is behind making this earing but we are really curious to know.

8. Hot Dog Cereal: There are some questionable food combinations that we can definitely get behind, but this isn’t one of them. Mixing hot dogs, cereal and cheese together sounds like a concoction that will make someone barf. We don’t know the reason behind why someone thought it was a good idea or if anyone else would even want to try it.

9. Dish Drainer: When we think about drying off our dishes we think of putting them in the dish rack. This person had a different idea and decided to use the drain grate on the street as their dish drainer. We don’t understand the reasoning behind this because it makes absolutely no sense. If you have washed your plates then why would you want to dirty them again?

10. Unicorn Fart: We all love cotton candy or we did at one point in our lives. If we saw this bag of cotton candy we probably wouldn’t consider buying it because it states that it’s gonna smell or taste like farts. Why didn’t the manufacturers just say it’s a unicorn flavor instead of adding the fart?

Reddit /u/ SuperDuper_88

11. USB Plug-ins In Benches: In today’s society it really isn’t hard to find a USB port to charge any of your electronics. But we are starting to think it is getting too much. Take this bench for example, while you are waiting for the train you can plug your phone into the bench. Are we really getting that lazy that we can’t get up and plug it into the wall?

12. Angry Birds Ride: We remember the times when we would go to the mall and beg our parents to let us go on the horse ride. Well, those horse rides have been reinvented it looks like. They are now Angry Birds that you can pay to ride. We are not sure the reason behind someone wanting to ride a bird and not a horse, but it is what it is.

13. Lawn Mower Bike: If you have ever thought about mowing your lawn while riding a bike, this is for you. We are not too sure how many people have ever thought about this but regardless this is definitely what you want to buy. We are not sure what made someone think of making this and then put it on sale, but maybe it will appeal to someone.

14. Sink Toilet: This toilet gets its water out of the sink. We are guessing this is a way to save water or something but it is still really strange. Also judging from this photo it’s a tight squeeze in this bathroom if the sink is attached to the toilet. The only thing we are wondering is if the toilet water somehow goes through the sink again. Ew.

15. Jumping Plunger: If you remember the good times you had when you were younger it probably involved being on a Pogo stick. It turns out you can now get your hands on this Pogo plunger. We are guessing this is for someone to fool around with and not actually be used for the toilet. But if it was meant to be used to the toilet there can’t be a logical reasoning for it. Using a plunger with your hands works good enough.

16. Barbie Chicken: We are not sure the reason behind someone wanting to put a Barbie doll inside an uncooked chicken, but here we are. There is clearly no reason to put a Barbie doll inside of a chicken before it is cooked because the plastic doll will just end up melting. Clearly, this person didn’t think that through.

17. Deep Fried Hanger: We are not sure what exactly is being deep fried but it looks a lot like a hanger. There is no reason for a hanger to be deep fried because no one can actually eat the hanger only the batter on the outside. This would be something that is absolutely pointless to do.

18. Chicken Fashion: We don’t own any chickens but if you do could you please explain this to us. As we see if there is no use for a chicken to need clothing and fashionable ones at that. There can’t be a reasonable explanation for this thing to be invented because we have never seen any chicken be dressed in clothes before.

19. Duck Shoes: Though this photo is hilarious we can’t understand a reason for ducks to wear shoes. Since we have never seen a duck until now walking around with shoes on we are gonna guess that their feet protect them enough. This is really adorable to see but we don’t understand why this duck was wearing these sandels.

20. Lay Down Tracksuit: We know that tracksuits are really comfortable but we didn’t know they needed to be this comfortable. It looks like when you walk around this might be the least comfortable thing for you and the people around you. It might only be good to lay down outside in. And we are not too sure how many people do that.

21. Hair Visor: Visors have been around for a really long time. There is nothing wrong with visors at all, only this visor. We are not sure why someone would attach hair in the middle of the visor. Technically this wouldn’t really be a visor anymore but a hat. The purpose of a visor is to leave the top of your head open. So what was the reason behind this?


22. Zipper Suit: There is a lot of strange fashion that is displayed on runways, but this one is high up there. We are not sure if anyone would want to walk around all day in a giant zipper. What makes this outfit look even more strange is the fact that the bottoms are shorts and not pants. We are wondering what the reason was behind this ensemble.

23. Gap Toilet Stall: If there is one thing almost everyone has wondered it’s why there is a need for gaps in toilet stalls. When we sit down in a toilet stall we don’t want anyone to see us, hence the door. But there is always the tiny gap, or sometimes a big gap, that is in between the door and the wall. There is no reason for it, we want privacy in there.

24. Shoe Pants: We are not sure if this look will ever work but that never stopped Jaden Smith from doing it back in the day. These shoes end up turning into pants and keep the same design as the shoes the whole way up. We don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting to look as though your shoes are higher than your waist. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen them since.

25. This Starbucks Mug: Starbucks always have really cool mugs that they put out, but this person wasn’t having any of this one. We are pretty sure that there wasn’t actually goo on the outside of the cup, but that’s what this person thought and was having none of it. This got us thinking though that if there was ever an invention that had goo on the outside of the mug, there really wouldn’t be any reason for it.

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