Mom’s Post Desperately Asking Husband To Help With Their Kids Goes Viral

Being a parent is never easy, but it makes all the hard days worth it. Being a mom can be especially difficult. I mean, you have all this pressure to be the best mom you can be, all while juggling a career, the house, and your husband.

Let’s face it, a mom’s job is generally under-appreciated for everything that they do at home. But this one mom, in particular, decided to call out her husband to help her more with the children, and she took it to the internet. The post, unsurprisingly, went viral.

Celeste Erlach is the blogger behind The Ultimate Mom Challenge and she also happens to be a mom of two. Erlach decided to write an open letter to her husband, where she not only asks for him to help out more but also outlines what exactly she needs him to do and why.

After she wrote it out, the post was shared on the “Breastfeeding Mama Talk” Facebook page and it went pretty viral. The letter gets straight to the point, not beating around the bush.

She started the letter, “Dear Husband, I.Need.More.Help. Last night was hard for you. I asked you to watch the baby so I could go to bed early…wondering if I should come down there and relieve you or just shut the door so I could get some desperately needed sleep. I chose the latter”.

Erlach continued the letter, addressing the fact that all she wanted to do is get a quick shut-eye after watching the baby and toddler “all damn day”. On top of that, she would have to wake up with the baby to feed him “all damn night”. She wanted to start a fight with her husband, who she just wanted him to hold the baby for a few hours. But chose not to.

She then wrote, “I know we both watched our parents fulfill the typical mother-father roles growing up. Both our mothers were primary caretakers and our fathers were relatively hands-off…excellent dads, but they weren’t expected to spend a significant amount of time changing diapers…”.

Erlach then goes into the idea that perhaps she herself is to blame for falling into this traditional role and not trying to make a change. She notes, “I blame myself for most of it too. I have set the precedent that I can do it. And in truth, I want to.” She then jokingly writes, “No offense, but I’m not sure I want to know what a week’s worth of dinner would look like with you in charge”.

The letter goes into things that every mother can relate to. I mean, reading it definitely is eye-opening. Erlach at one point, notes: “Part of me feels like a failure for even asking. I mean, you do help…and besides, this should come easy to me, right? Motherly instincts, no?” She then adds, “But i’m human, and i’m running on five hours of sleep and tired as heck. I need you.”

She then goes into asking for things of her husband that would make her life easier. After listing a few things that she would like to see her husband do to help, she noted, “Lastly, I need to hear you’re grateful for all I do. I want to know you notice the laundry is done, and a nice dinner has been prepared…”.

Moms all over the world easily related to Celeste’s letter, and let her know in the comments section that she isn’t alone. One woman commented, “So many mothers, myself included feel like this. I wish it wasn’t true and we truly could be wonder women but it is. We need help. Especially when the father won’t step up”. Check out the facebook page “Breastfeeding Mama Talk” to read the full letter!

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