Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz?


Intelligence is commonly associated with IQ points but in reality scientists and experts of the mind have demonstrated that IQ points are only a measurement of how smart someone could potentially be. And ‘smart’ in this definition is denoted by memory storage. Furthermore, IQ is not something that is innate or born within you. For instance, you can increase your IQ points by performing certain activities.

Things such as reading a book, learning an instrument, performing exercise, and playing games like chess, Sudoku or checkers can do wonders for your mind.

Oh…and scoring perfect (or learning from your mistakes) on this quiz will help boost your IQ too.

There is no particular theme associated with this test, such that it can’t be labeled a ‘math quiz’ or a ‘geography test’ it is more of a general knowledge exam that judges how trendy, intuitive, and resourceful you are.

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Let’s start off with a ‘simple one.’ Decided what your answer is yet? 100 centimeters is well…100 centimeters. And 50 inches is approximately 127 centimeters. So if you chose 50 inches, you are correct!


The lightest ball is a ping pong while the heaviest is a tie between a shot put and a bowling ball. However, a regulation size 7 basketball weighs approximately 625 grams, more than the other 2 balls. 


This one might be a ‘tough one’ if you are not anthropologically inclined. Many believe that dinosaurs are reptiles or just ‘giant lizards’ when in reality experts suspect that dinosaurs are more like giant featherless birds.


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Crayons are made out of wax…that’s why they taste so delicious! Just kidding, crayons are most certainly not edible and the paraffin wax along with the color pigment are two ingredients that are certainly not organic.


A fortnight is actually two weeks! Two weeks, also known as ‘fourteen days’, was derived from that old English term.


This one is probably one of the tougher questions. Leonardo Da Vinci passed away in 1519, Vincent van Gogh died in the year of 1890 and Pablo Picasso perished in 1973. So, Picasso is the correct answer.


The American Civil War was an internal war between the Southern states that grouped together to form the Confederate States of America and the United States government. It was one of the bloodiest wars in US history. The war broke out in 1861 and ended in 1865.


On average, most breeds of dogs have 16 toes since each paw has four toes. (And dogs have four paws.)


You would think a dozen would be 12, and a baker’s dozen wouldn’t be any different. But a baker’s dozen has 13 cookies, not 12! That’s even better!


Cucumbers are technically fruits since fruits are seed-bearing plants that come from the ovaries of a flowering plant. Vegetables are any other part of a plant such as the stems, leaves and roots (just to name a few.)


So, if you scored more than 8 out of 10 on this quiz then you are quite the informed and knowledgeable citizen. However, if you scored less than that it is okay too. Just keep on doing these quizzes!


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