24 Times Men Proved You Can’t Win Against a Pregnant Woman


The first rule of living with a pregnant woman is to do everything she says – or else. Don’t forget that everything she says is right (even if it isn’t) and her mood swings are not her fault.

Don’t even think about complaining about being uncomfortable anywhere in her vicinity, don’t mention the pregnancy weight, and always, always, make every attempt to satisfy her food cravings.

You’ll thank me later.

This wonderful pregnant woman shared the adorable cake her husband made for her. Husband Ryan has clearly learned the secret to handling a pregnant woman: apologizing before you do that terrible and/or annoying thing she’s definitely going to be angry at you for later. Extra points for writing out your apology in chocolate.

Remember, food becomes increasingly important to the happiness and well-being of your pregnant partner. So, before you even consider eating whatever she hid in the fridge, look for violent notes on Tupperware such as this one to get an idea of how important that food is to her. Decide if the risk is worth the reward and proceed.

This Twitter user offers no real advice with this tweet, but there’s definitely some truth – and fair warning – of what to expect when living with a pregnant lady. This Twitter user accurately depicts what it’s like keeping a #pregnantwife happy – apparently, a lot of sweat. Someone get this poor guy a towel!

Another tragedy for men everywhere is they’ll probably lose their football-watching, nacho-eating best friend to sleep once their wife is pregnant. Another important tip is never to wake your pregnant wife when she’s napping, even if she just missed the touchdown of the year. Some men complain about their pregnant wife when they’re awake while other men complain about their pregnant wife when they’re asleep. They just can’t win!

The recently coined term “babymoon” – which is just a vacation you take when you’re pregnant – is a very popular travel trend right now. A babymoon allows the expecting couple to relax and enjoy some time together before the birth of their newborn. Here’s one couple who shared a picture of what a babymoon is really like – in bed by 8:30, and a multitude of pillows. In other words, every pregnant woman’s dream.

Another quirk pregnancy might cause is minor violence. Mood swings are a very real side effect of carrying around a tiny human inside you. Hormones are an actual medical thing, OK? So before you start complaining your pregnant has gone crazy because she attempted to punch you that one time you had the TV on a little too loud, consider that.

While some men can do nothing but notice all the ways it appears an alien (a very angry, snarky alien) has inhabited their wife’s body, others are able to see the silver lining of having a pregnant woman in the house. One such perk is pregnancy cravings. Having your pregnant wife do the grocery shopping will probably lead to her coming home with some whipped cream, nacho dip and several tubs of ice cream. Score!

Sometimes your wife may appear a little extra-sensitive while she’s pregnant, while other times she may seem to not have any feelings at all. One Twitter user shared his story of telling his pregnant wife he loves her only for her to reply “chips and dip.” Saying I love you won’t satisfy those pregnancy cravings, so don’t even bother.

Some wives like to prepare their husbands on what to expect for the next nine months. One Instagram user shared the pregnancy kit she prepared for her husband, including a book titled “Pregnancy For Men: The whole 9 months. I hope one of the tips in the book include how to pretend you actually like this gift and have every intention of reading it.”

Your pregnant wife probably isn’t going to dance around her demands while she’s pregnant. So even though it may be annoying to become a human foot massager, especially when she doesn’t even feel the need to type out the dreaded demand to rub her feet, just grin and bear it. Because an emoji text for a foot massage is better than the alternative; several angry, emojis that include profanity.

It is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to experience hot flashes during their pregnancy, but as a result, it may lead to her playing with the room temperature during those long 9 months. This husband posted a picture to Instagram of his thermostat, saying he is quickly turning into a #popsicledad because his wife likes to keep the temperature at a chilly 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Twitter user has been logging his pregnant wife’s activity for quite some time. If you wanted a day-by-day look at the life of a husband with a #pregnantwife, this account will give you the full breakdown. On day 273, his wife sent him a message saying she has “no chill.” At least she’s being honest.

This gentleman took to Twitter after having to clean out his local grocery store of Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream after responding to his wife’s pregnancy craving. In the future, if you’re ever wondering why your favorite ice cream flavor can’t be found, the answer probably involves a husband with strict orders to grab as many tubs as he can carry.

This is definitely an over-exaggeration but still pretty amusing. This Twitter user posted a funny GIF after a particularity difficult day during his wife’s pregnancy. He even goes as far as to say this summarizes his entire life right now. Sometimes, the miracle of life is something to smile about. Other times, it’s just something to scream about.

When you try to tell your pregnant wife what to eat, don’t be surprised if she yells at you. Even though deep down she knows you telling her to eat her fruits and veggies is for her own good (and the baby’s), she just really wants ice cream. And muffins.

Throughout your wife’s pregnancy, you will probably start to accumulate a detailed list of what her most common – and satisfying – pregnancy cravings are. However, you can never be too prepared. Sometimes her cravings will take weird and mysterious turns, and what started out as a run for sugar cookies ends up being a stop at a fast food restaurant for a spicy chicken sandwich. No one said cravings had to make sense.

This husband is taking on his duties like a champ. One Twitter user posted a picture showing a busy stove after his wife had a craving for nachos – at 11:33 p.m. Nothing like satisfying your wife’s midnight craving to distract her from all the stuff you’re going to get wrong tomorrow.

Macaroni and cheese might be the comfort food dreams are made of – dried pasta, packaged cheese product, and an incredibly convenient prep time. So it’s no surprise that pregnant women might take a liking to it…at any hour of any given day. This Twitter husband shares the latest request from his #pregnantwife. But hey, cut Sharon some slack. I think everyone has asked if it’s too early for Mac and Cheese at one point or another.

Another quirk to expect from a pregnant woman is the fact that she’ll probably be bothered by things that never bothered her before. For example, this Twitter user said his #pregnantwife asked why her husband thought it necessary to tuck her into bed, and even went so far as to refer to being tucked into bed as a “travesty.” No one said these 9 months are going to be drama-free.

Sometimes pregnancy cravings can be a nuisance, while other times they can be a gift. I don’t know about you, but any excuse to eat sausage patties and cinnamon rolls for dinner is okay with me. This Twitter user posted a picture to Facebook, and although he seems shocked by his wife’s food choices, I think he secretly wishes he had an excuse to eat it, too.

Expect all your favorite shirts to end up being stretched out or taken hostage by your pregnant wife. Although you might be low-key fuming on the inside, it’s important to keep the appearance of perfect calm on the outside. The most important thing is that your pregnant wife is comfortable and happy.

Have you ever heard of pregnancy brain? Pregnancy brain suggests that during pregnancy, women aren’t as sharp as they were pre-pregnancy, that they may be susceptible to bouts of forgetfulness and that early motherhood could actually affect their ability to think. I’m not confirming this is what’s happening to this Twitter user’s wife in this situation, I’m just telling you to keep it in mind.

As the husband of a pregnant wife, your responsibility includes saving other people who aren’t you from the wrath of pregnancy mood swings, as well as apologizing to the people you weren’t able to save. This husband took to Twitter to share a very confrontational moment between his #pregnantwife and a Target employee after she discovered candles had been moved from their usual location in the store.

Another pregnancy craving means another husband scouring their hometown for hours looking for the exact flavor of ice cream their #pregnantwife requested. This Twitter user, who has been keeping tabs on the husband’s experience of pregnancy, took to Twitter to share his own experience after he circled Indianapolis for an hour and a half looking for a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich for his wife.

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