25 Pics That Are Pretty Much All Of Us

You know when you see a picture and it sums up exactly what you are feeling? These pictures might be of a dog sleeping or a sign that sums up everything we are thinking.

In today’s world, it’s hard to find things that summarize everything we are thinking and feeling.

But if you are looking for pictures like this, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 25 pictures that are pretty much all of us.

1. Turning Myself In: This guy tried to turn himself in when he noticed there was an award for his arrest. His face says all that he is thinking in this photo. He looks utterly shocked that he isn’t getting the reward money but instead is going to jail. This is pretty much what all of us would look like if we heard that we weren’t getting a reward.

2. Extremely Italian: This restaurant really isn’t messing around and wants you to know that they make real Italian food. Clearly, this sign doesn’t actually say “Italian AF”. But it is hilarious and reminds all of us what we say if we describe ourselves as being extremely something.

3. Cool Cryer: We all think we are cool to some degree but this picture states the truth in all of us. We are all cool but we also all cry. That’s what makes this picture speak volumes to all of us. We are starting to think that everyone should have a picture like this in their house that completely sums up who they are.

4. Accept Yourself: When this heading came up right when this awkward looking animal popped up on the screen we thought it was connected. The animation at the bottom matches that stuffed animal thing and makes it look like it’s calling itself garbage. This person turned it into a meme of how this is how they are when they are learning to accept themselves.

Instagram /u/ @sadfolks

5. Uber Is Arriving: When we pre-drink before going out for a night we usually call an Uber. Sometimes Uber drivers arrive right in the middle of our drinking time. That’s why this meme is literally all of us when we are pre-drinking and our Uber driver has arrived. We try to wash down as much of our drink as possible and rush out the door.

6. Drama Cat: We all state that we don’t like drama. Yet when the drama is evolving right in front of us we can’t help but stop and stare at it. That is exactly what this cat looked like it was doing when these two dogs began to fight. And we can’t stop laughing because this is clearly all of us upon sight of drama.

7. Snitches: If you ever want to use a cat as a mop this might stop you in your tracks. Always look around and see who is around if you want to use anything other than a mop to mop up your spill. This person’s mom found out and she was very unimpressed.


8. One Trip Person: If you are someone who hates making multiple trips to the store then this is the meme for you. When you make one trip to the store you end up having a lot of bags to carry and end up looking this dude. We find this hilarious because this has been all of us at some point.

9. First Pizza Ever: When you try your first slice of pizza it feels like you are in heaven. That is precisely what this child is feeling right now. If you think back to what you felt like when you were a child and had your first piece of pizza, then you will know that this child is all of us. And maybe she is still all of us now.

10. Feeding Frenzy: When we are starving nothing really matters but whatever we are able to eat. If a friend offers us food then we will immediately treat them like they are everything in the world to us. This meme literally sums up how we feel when a friend offers us food when we are starting and too broke to buy it for ourselves.

11. Void Full: When you have a void in yourself people usually try to fill it with something and that something tends to be alcohol. That’s what makes this meme relate to so many people. When this person noticed that these cotton balls were labeled to be void fillers they wondered why they were using alcohol.

12. So Enthusiastic: When we use abbreviations like OMG, LOL, and HAHA we tend to not actually be doing what any of them mean. That’s what makes this meme relate to all of us on a very strong level. This dude is sitting there calmly and he is apparently writing all these abbreviations to mean that he is laughing hysterically. This has been all of us more than once.


13. Shower Problems: We have all had the thought when getting into the shower that we don’t want to go. Then when we are in the shower we never want to get out of it. That’s what makes this meme relate to all of us constantly. The next time we are fighting ourselves to get into the shower we will try to remember how much we actually love being in the shower. Maybe it will make getting in there a little easier.

14. Happy Birthday: Once every year people start messaging us again because it’s our birthday. This person skipped all the pleasantries because they knew that this person didn’t actually want to become close friends again. They were just being nice because it was a birthday of someone they once knew. This is what all of us think when our birthdays roll around and people start conversations with us.

Instagram /u/ @betches

15. Toilet Legs: When we sit on the toilet for a long time we get marks on the backs of our legs from sitting down for too long. And we get marks on the quads of our legs from leaning our hands or elbows on them. That’s why this picture can relate to all of us at least once in our lives. This is also a sure sign that you have been on the toilet for a bit too long.

16. Healthy Eating: Everyone is on the healthy eating trend these days which makes a lot of us feel self-conscious when asked what we have eaten. This person responded the best possible way by describing her pizza in the healthiest way imaginable. Then preceded the description with a photo of her pizza. This is priceless and literally how all of us feel.

17. Ugly But Lovable: A lot of us think that we are ugly but loveable, even though all of us are beautiful and lovable. When this person saw this drink at the food store they picked it up and made this meme out of it. We can’t help but laugh at it because it is accurate for the drink and because sadly at some point it is what a lot of us have thought.

18. Heart Tattoo: People get tattoos all over their bodies and of all different design shapes and colors. This photo shows that this tattoo will turn into a heart when it grabs something. This person better watch out because as soon as they hold onto something it will look like they love it. We have to admit though we tend to grab and hold onto things that we love anyway.

19. Christmas Gift: When we are asked what we want for Christmas there is always a thought that crosses our minds that all we really want is more attention. We never end up saying this though but instead ask for an actual gift. That might be us but it definitely isn’t this person who decided to tell this person what they actually wanted for Christmas this year.

20. Ladylike: There is an assumption that if you are a woman you have to sit with your legs crossed. To all the women out there we know that this is difficult to always do, and at times it can be hurtful. That’s what makes this meme relate to all the women out there who have been told how to properly sit.

21. How Broke Are You?: There have been a lot of trips to McDonald’s for ice cream and upon arrival, the ice cream machine has been broken. When this dude asked how broke people were this one girl answered that she was as broke as a McDonald’s ice cream machine. We guess this means that she is not making any money at all.

22. Save Money: It seems like a lot of us say that we need to save money. Then we get paid and we end up burning through our money like this wizard is burning his cash. It is a never-ending cycle that happens and it’s hard to break out of. We can’t help but laugh at this photo because it really does speak for all of us.

23. You Hang Up…: One thing that couples tend to do, at least in movies, is tell the other one of hang up first. This meme sums up what it’s actually like when someone tells the other to hang up first. We can’t stop laughing because this is actually all of us when someone tells us to hang up. It isn’t like the movies where it keeps going back and forth. The call just ends.

24. Iron Man: We have all showed up to something thinking that we looked the best. Yet when we got there someone was much better prepared than us. This is what happened to this dude in his Iron Man outfit who was completely upstaged by what looks to be the real Iron Man. We feel bad for him because this has happened to all of us, just in different circumstances.

25. Last Minute Presentation: We have all had this happen to us at some point during our duration at school. We have stayed up the night before the presentation was due and started working on the project. When we arrived to give our presentation it ended up looking like a project that was made up the night before or morning of. We can’t stop laughing at the fact that this meme can relate to literally all of us at some point.

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