The Way You Make A Fist Says A Lot About Your Personality—Find Out What

Your fist is a useful implement. It can be used for fighting, greeting people and…well, mostly just those two things. At least, according to our editor, who is shaking her head and making frantic gestures at us as we type this paragraph.

But, according to Some People On The Internet (the most trustworthy of scientists), the shape of your fist can also tell you things about your personality.

We were interested to see if there was any truth behind it, so we performed a survey (with a convenience sample of “the people who were on break at the time and were bored enough to participate”) on different types of fist shapes to tell if they were correlated with personality traits.

So, make a fist right now to see what your fist says about your personality

Type A: The Soft Fist
You are gentle and prefer to resolve your disputes without aggression (this is not the fist-making of someone who’s thrown a lot of punches in their life).

You are creative (or at least, “creative” about your definition of what constitutes a fist).

Advice for the Type A: If you’re going to be showing off your nails anyway, invest in nice nail polish.

Type B: The Working Fist
You know how to get what you want out of life. You are driven, ambitious, and, frankly, a little scary. You were probably the youngest sibling.

Advice for the Type B: I mean, you can’t resolve all your disputes by fighting about them. But hey, if you’re going to do it anyway, you’re off to a great start! Remember, always make central knuckle contact and don’t go for your opponent’s skull.

Type C: The “You Tried” Fist
You have never thrown a punch in your life. You definitely didn’t have siblings.

Advice for the Type C: Try harder.

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