25 Of The Most Hilarious Passive Aggressive Roommate Messages Ever

Let’s face it. Having roommates is rarely enjoyable. Of course, it’s more cost-efficient and usually less lonely, however, who wouldn’t want their own place to themselves?

That’s usually the dream of people who leave passive aggressive notes to their roommates. Many who fear confrontation resort to these sometimes funny, often cringey, and even poignant notes. These notes have a very clear and concise purpose: the intent to educate and shame all at the same time. Many people obtain roommates in college, but some unfortunate souls, especially those who move into expensive cities for the first time, have to bunk with other people in order to save money on living expenses. This is usually always cause for alarm, as no two people are alike. Hopefully, most people in your house adopt a chores system to keep shared responsibility, however every so often you usually get that one roommate who’s more content with their filth and to put up a fight rather than attempt to be a non-disgusting human.

Hopefully, this does not cause a passive-aggressive note war, however, we can’t help but laugh at these 25 hilarious passive aggressive notes left by roommates.

1) Grading The Notes: Scott isn’t dealing with passive aggressive notes without adding a little humor to it. Here, he has taken it upon himself to grade a note left by Matt by editing the spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Clearly, Matt doesn’t know what’s coming to him with this response! Roommate fight!

2) Delightful Note To Gary: Oh, Gary, Gary, Gary. When will you ever get it right? Nobody likes you Gary. Gary never does the dishes because Gary is a ridiculous human being! Here, someone has make it very clear that Gary needs to do what is asked of him by creating a love note between him signed by his friend, Dishes.

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3) Passive Aggressive Toilet Paper: This roommate explained to their other roommate that they are always putting in the toilet paper backwards. Well, this roommate responded with absolutely next-level passive aggression by piercing the toilet paper with the holder. Which, to them seems like the correct way after the conversation that they had.

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4) Romantic Note: This roommate took asking for rent to the extreme by going to the store to purchase rose petals, only to leave a romantic trail leading to their bedroom which reads “Rent Due.” Talk about a disappointing let down and slap in the face with financial reality. Hopefully this person paid their rent in full.

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5) Susie Doesn’t Mess Around: This note was written by a very fed-up roommate named Susie. Apparently, Susie is absolutely sick of people stealing her food, so she took her lemonade jug and filled it with cat piss. Not only is that a terrifying idea, it may just be the perfect deterrent for people to stop stealing her food.

6) My Fitness Pal Fiasco: This roommate did some investigating after they noticed food going missing from the fridge. They checked their roommate’s My Fitness Pal meal progress to find their missing food posted to their profile. Talk about Sherlock Holmes level deduction! Hopefully, this person learned their lesson. Shame on you!

7) Responding With Equally Passive Aggressive Notes: Some people just can’t take a hint, so they go above and beyond to write an equally more passive note rather than actually take the suggestion to heart. In this case, they created a home for a toilet paper roll after being lectured of where it’s supposed to go when it’s finished.

8) Changing The Toilet Paper: This roommate went out and purchased a permanent passive aggressive note to place in the bathroom to remind everyone that they are all capable of changing the toilet paper roll, however one housemate had a hilarious response to share. How would you respond to a permanent note like this one?

9) Things Found In A Clogged Sink: Clogged sinks are never fun. It’s always impossible to try and find the source, and sometimes you even need to hire a plumber. This roommate was blamed for the reason the sink was clogged, however, after he did some investigating he found the real culprit.

10) Dishes Are Like Girlfriends: This roommate decided to print off a passive-aggressive note on computer paper, making an analogy that dishes are like girlfriends. More people need to take ownership over cleaning their own dishes in this household, and apparently, crude analogies are the only way to get the point across here.

11) Mr. Dryer Vent: This hilarious illustration shows off a cartoon dryer vent appropriately named “Mr. Dryer Vent” who gives off some helpful advice on when it’s useful to clean him. Otherwise, he turns into a satanic version of Mr. Dryer Vent and decides that he will burn your entire house down! Effective note and also hilarious!

12) Brian Isn’t Dealing With Your Dishes: We can only speculate that the Brian referenced at the end of this hilarious letter is actually the person who wrote it, but we digress. Sometimes it takes a little sarcasm to get a point across, especially for those who don’t seem to understand how to properly run a dishwasher.

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13) The Worst Kind Of Roommate: There’s nothing worse than a roommate who routinely refuses to do their dishes. What’s even more insufferable about it is when they go above and beyond to piss everyone off about it by printing off a photo of the empty sink and placing it over the dirty dishes, rather than actually do their own dishes. In the amount of time it took them to do that, they could have had everything cleaned by then!

14) Doing Dishes For Dummies: This roommate took it upon themselves to design a book cover for a “possible” book in the “For Dummies” series, titled “Doing Dishes For Dummies” then goes to list off the various skills you would learn by reading this book. It’s a fantastic use of photoshop that hopefully got its point across.

15) Roommate Shaming: Here we see a roommate who is passed out in bed, and his roommates decided to publicly shame him by posting a letter that reads “I get drunk and leave pizza in the oven all night” then show a picture of the horrendously burnt pizza next to him. Hilarious and fantastic!

16) Wifi Reminders: Some people need constant reminding when it comes to paying their bills. Many will go above and beyond in trying to avoid it. They come up with creative excuses but ultimately, everyone needs to pay the price. One roommate found a hilarious way of reminding his roommates to pay their bills by renaming the name of their wifi router.

17) Passive Aggressive With Cash: This roommate was likely reminded to pay their rent, so they decided to pay out the full cost of the month’s rent by dishing it out with cash dollars into the phrase “your rent good sir.” We aren’t sure whether or not to be incredible angry or laugh at this hilariously passive aggressive response.

18) Let’s Play A Game: This person decided to see how long it would be until their roommates asked where the toilet paper was in order to educate them on how to replace the toilet paper roll properly. They hid the rolls on their bedroom and replaced it with this roll of duct tape. Hopefully the message was made quite clear! We wouldn’t want to wipe with duct tape!

19) Diet Coke Notes: These notes are all hilarious. This roommate decided to write down various “not yours” notes onto all of these Diet Coke cans using Post-Its. Tired of always having their beverages drank, this solution would hopefully both teach a lesson, but also do so using humor to ease tension. Get your own Diet Cokes!

20) Leaving The Lettuce: Nothing is more disgusting than having to pick up old food off the ground left by other people you’re living with. It takes two seconds to clean up after yourself when you make a mess, and it’s even more insulting when you leave that mess for others to clean. Here, “Alex from Room A” decided enough was enough with this note.

21) Another Great Romantic Note: Here, someone has found Valentine’s hearts candy with specific messages, arranged them so that they said “Hey Dude, when will you” followed by a profane way of asking to do the Dishes. It’s both hilarious and to the point. However, it’s also nice that they get to eat candy after reading the note.

22) Halloween Laziness: Everybody loves Halloween? The fun fall colors, to the candy, to the costumes, to the joy of pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins, this roommate has refused to get rid of them, so their other roommate is keeping an active tab of how long it will be before the pumpkins are removed from the house. So far it has been a whopping 97 days.

23) Messy Toilet Seats Are The Worst: There’s no doubt about it. Nobody likes or enjoys cleaning up bathrooms. So why then do some men refuse to use the toilet properly? Here, the roommate has left a simple, hilarious yet poignant note which reads “Aim Like A Man Or Sit Like A Woman.”

24) Food Robbers: It’s hard enough trying to afford rent that you have to live with other people, but it’s also difficult when those people are also stealing the food that you pay for.  Here, a roommate has taken it upon themselves to ensure that each and every one of their boxes of food are accounted for by auditing the number of contents in each box!

25) Mr. T Makes The Greatest Notes Ever: When it comes to the subtle or not-so-subtle art of leaving passive aggressive notes, using an image of Mr. T followed by the words “I pity the fool who…” can be used in nearly any situation. I don’t want Mr. T to pity me! Hopefully this household gets the idea of saving energy and food by closing the fridge properly!

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