Seemingly Overweight Dancer Blows Audience Away With Impressive Swing Routine

There seems to be a stereotype that a dancer has to be skinny, fit, and basically look like a model. Both men and women have to be in shape. But again, that’s a stereotype. There are those that may not look like a dancer but can move just as well. Meet John Lindo. He’s the perfect example of how you should never judge a book by its cover or you should never judge a dancer by their body.

When you look at John you’ll notice that he’s fairly big and tall. He’s not necessarily overweight, but he’s definitely not the shape or size of your typical professional dancer. But after you see his moves, you’ll agree that John is confident in his strengths and his talents. With that, John has enjoyed proving people wrong for a long, long time.

John initially gained success by dancing in country-western style. But eventually, he learned that he had a talent with West Coast Swing circuit, winning a ton of championships. He’s won first place at the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and even won the Phoenix Champion of Champions. This guy is definitely on a roll.

He’s honestly the perfect example of not letting stereotypes stop you from participating in things that you’ve always wanted to participate in. Regardless of how big or small you are, that should never stop you from doing things that you’ve dreamed of doing. It’s just society putting restrictions in your head and you should do everything you possibly can do to fight past it.

If you aren’t familiar with competitive dancing, you should honestly check out the video below of John showing off his incredible dance skills. It’s hard to believe that ANYONE is able to feel the rhythm the way that John can.

In the video, he is dancing with his partner Deborah Szekely. The pair ended up winning first place based on his performance. By the end of their routine, the couple had the entire room on their feet. It’s pretty easy to see why.

The way John is able to quickly move his feet to the music, shake his hips like a professional ballroom dancer and spin his partner fast and with such precision is something you have never seen before. Check out the video and enjoy!

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