Transgender Man Shares Before And After Photos Of Transition That Are Unrecognizable

Meet Jaimie Wilson. He’s a pretty successful guy, being a musician, a DJ, and a successful model. That’s pretty impressive considering he’s only 21 years old. He also happens to be a fully transitioned male member of the LGBT community.

Wilson is from Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US and has shared his transition journey online. As a result of sharing his personal story, he’s become an empowered poster boy for transgender rights.

Jaimie told UNILAD about his mission to shed some light on the societal myths surrounding transgender people, telling his story about his incredible transition. The photos and the words really give viewers a reality check on transitioning.

Jaimie realized that he was born into the wrong body when he was just 15 years old while in high school. It took him a while to understand the message that ‘being yourself is better than being the person people want you to be.’

Because he was raised in a conservative home, Jaimie was forced to hide who he was for his own safety. He told UNILAD, “When I was 15 I knew for a fact that I was male. But because I grew up in a religious household I had to put my identity and feelings aside until I was able to be on my own.”

Jaimie remembers a time when he had to do things in secret because he lived in such an ignorant and transphobic community. He told UNILAD, “I would go to the store and shop in the men’s section. I took every opportunity I had to put on masculine clothing and stare into the mirror.”

Jaimie truly thought that he’d have to live a secret life forever. Jaimie has now bravely shared his journey with his followers on Instagram in a series of candid photographs. The 21-year-old has also turned to music as a creative outlet, to express his feelings, both good and bad.

The singer-songwriter transitioned at the age of 18, finding himself “more excited to be alone than around anyone” he told UNILAD. He also added, “When I was alone I was able to dress and look how I wanted to…I was me.”

Jaimie noted that it was gender reassignment surgery that was the best feeling. He told UNILAD, “Transitioning for me physically was the best feeling. I remember cutting my long hair off and how, although the world remained the same, it felt like a whole new one!”

The hormone treatment just added to the quick results, bringing him even more a relief. He told UNILAD that it was like drinking magical juice that makes you “look, sound and feel like who you always have envisioned in your head.” Jaimie understands the difficulty a lot of people go through when living in conservative communities. He noted, “I want to say that I was once like you.”

“I was an unaccepting, close-minded person, but that’s because I was unhappy.” He also noted, “Before you start to judge someone who is transgender or claim they are starving for attention, please stop and think about the sacrifices and hardships they go through just to be their true self.”

Jaimie’s powerful message not only helps people see things differently, but it gives those who are going through a similar experience some hope. He continued speaking to UNILAD with a powerful message. He said, “I want people to know that I am a human being. Me being trans does not define the person I am.”

He also added: “If my struggles help just one person be themselves I’ll endure the hate that comes along with it.” Jaimie also spared some words to the friends and families who are coming to terms with a loved one’s trans status.

He told UNILAD, “The best way to support a transgender individual is to respect them. Use proper pronouns, and truly see them for the person they are. Look at my before and after. Just because I looked like a woman doesn’t mean that’s who I am.”

Jaimie has proven that no one should ever judge a book by its cover. That it’s not the outside that counts but it’s the way you present yourself to the people around you that matters most. Regardless if you can relate to Jaimie or not, we can all take something away from his positive message.

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