16 Pictures That Will Straight Up Ruin You, Forever

Have you ever found yourself in a dark corner of the internet, looking at the worst pictures you could possibly imagine? Well if you thought those were bad, these strange images may just ruin you forever. What you are about to see here is so messed up, so out there, so totally weird that you may just have to shut down your computer and go outside for a while.

Are these the worst pictures online? Maybe, or maybe not. Either way, they are definitely some of the more confusing, strange, and in some cases upsetting photos that you might see today. Can you brave your way through this gallery of the grotesque? You just might be able to, if the pictures don’t start to get under your skin too quickly.

These are the 16 potentially worst pictures online, and they may make you uncomfortable. They may also make you laugh, because they’re so out there and ridiculous, and hopefully you get some enjoyment out of browsing them. Otherwise, it will just be an exercise in mental stamina as you subject yourself to the bothersome images seen here.

1. Mascara is often sold with the promise that it will make your eyelashes look longer, but is there such a thing as lashes that are too long? Yes, yes there is.

2. The worst pictures are the ones that can ruin one of your favorite things, like Slurpees. Why would anyone ever do this to their hair, even if they loved Slurpees that much?

3. No, no, no! What is this? Who would want this? What kind of candy company is peddling something like this to children? This is horrible!

4. Next time you’re sipping a refreshing soda you got from a fast food restaurant, just remember the time there was a spider living in the straw. Enjoy!

5. We don’t know everything there is to know about this picture. Maybe this guy is just having a really hard day? Maybe driving is terrifying so he’s stifling his screams? We just don’t know.

6. At least whoever has this strange, split toe is able to have some fun with it. Here’s a question though: do they have to pay extra when they get a pedicure?


7. What happens when you use the Oldify app on someone’s belly button? It turns into a horrible monster. Also, it grows teeth for some reason.

8. If anything is going to ruin your day, it’s seeing someone manage their desktop like this. How does this even work? This would completely break your brain.

9. It takes a lot of work and care to grow and maintain some really great dreads, but you don’t get to call it a dread when you clearly just don’t like washing your hair.

10. This canary was selectively bred to have elongated features, but the real question is why on Earth would someone make this? It’s terrifying, and the bird does not look too happy.

11. Does your car get really hot in the summer? Yes, it does, but should you use it to cook meat? That just seems like sending out invitations to bacteria.

12. Did you ever go to the park as a kid and have a bad encounter with a bee? Well, imagine if you went to the playground and this was waiting for you.

13. Okay, this is definitely something that you don’t see every day, and really, you wouldn’t want to. Hope this guy had a big bottle of mouthwash handy for the moment after this photo.

14. This is a decorative piece designed in Sweden that is supposed to help with portion control. If you put this on a plate with food, that food is not getting eaten.

15. We don’t know what’s going on here, or what this is, or where this is. All we know is that we don’t want to be anywhere near it, because it is horrifying.

16. This might have been a nice picture once, but if there’s one thing people on the internet know how to do, it’s how to create the worst pictures ever.

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