24 Genius Pun Costumes That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand

Whether it’s for Halloween, Comic-Con, or a just theme party, it’s not always easy to come up with an original costume. Many people will stick to the basics or opt for a store-bought costume, but those who have their eye on that “best costume prize” know that you have to do some outside of the box thinking to come out on top. So how do you make your costume stand out from the rest? Well, if you ask these inventive people, it’s all about combining two in one.

While the following costumes may not have been met with instant recognition, they were definitely received with much more acclamation once the pun at play was realized.

Most of the time, verbal puns result in eye rolls, but these cleverly concocted costumes warrant a smirk at the least. Here are 24 genius pun costumes that will make you look twice to understand.

1. The classic picture search character, Waldo, is usually pretty easy to find on Halloween night as many people opt for this simple get up as a last minute costume. However, it’s rare that you’ll find one that adds a werewolf into the mix. Were-Waldo, get it?

2. A chainsaw wielding, shotgun slinging Wednesday Addams? Don’t worry, you didn’t miss an ultra-violent Addams Family sequel that strays from family friendly. This weapon adorned costume actually pays tribute to Bruce Campbell’s cult classic character Ash from the Evil Dead films. But why combine both characters you ask? Ash Wednesday, of course!

3. It’s rare nowadays to come across a Halloween costume that’s actually scary, but this is one that would certainly send chills down the spines of any office coworker. The blue screen of death. For those unfamiliar with this fatal system error notification, just hope you never have to encounter it.

4. This office Halloween costume contest winning ensemble combines Transformers’ leader of the Autobots and Amazon’s popular paid subscription service. Still don’t get it? Amazon Prime. This may seem like a cost-effective costume, but then again, you have to wonder just how many Amazon orders he had to make to acquire those boxes.

Reddit /u/ caronarnold

5. You’re bound to see plenty of bumblebee costumes on Halloween but rarely do they look this haggard — unless maybe it’s in the midst of the next morning walk of shame. However, this bumble bee’s blood-soaked get up isn’t the aftermath of a bar brawl, the undead looks are intentional to portray the pun “Zombee.”

6. Nothing screams stereotypical French like wine, baguettes, cigarettes, and a classic beret, but the face paint may seem a little out of place at first. However, if you’re familiar with the band KISS, you’ll be able to put two and two together. If there were any party guests with white face paint around their mouths by the end of the night, then these guys went super method.

7. At a quick glance, you’d instantly be able to recognize what Disney princess this is hopefully peering around the corner. However, with closer inspection, you’ll probably notice that this Belle is donning a gown that’s much more cuisine-inspired than what we’re used to. Get it? It’s the combination of Disney meets fast food: Taco Belle.

8. You might be misled to believe this is an Indiana Jones costume at first, but then you’ll notice that this guy decided to swap the whip for an Ethernet cable. This substitute prop wasn’t out of limited resources, it helps tie together the pun at play. Taking the web browser name quite literally, this guy went out for Halloween as the Internet Explorer.

9. This clashing costume most likely received a few confused glances when it was worn at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, but the clever pun here certainly warrants a laugh once you get it. Combining the popular first-person shooter video game and the iconic Japanese character, this person went as Halo Kitty.

Reddit /u/ rawr_cutedino

10. This couple decided to opt for a pun that channels some 90s nostalgia, paying tribute to the Vanilla Ice hit Ice Ice Baby. “Junie may be crying now over our terrible puns, but I have a hunch that one day she will learn to appreciate visual humor just as I have,” Lauren Lanker wrote on Instagram.

11. You have to admire anyone who is so dedicated to having a great costume that they spend the entirety of their night with half of a mannequin strapped to their back. Halloween often sees a variation of bride costumes from zombie brides to bridezillas, but this mail order bride one is brimming with creativity.

12. We don’t often see the titular character of Alice in Wonderland wearing so many accessories, but these chains are a nod to a popular grunge band who formed back in the 80s. Still don’t get it? This Reddit user took on the attire of the famous Lewis Carroll character with some added bling to be “Alice in Chains.”

13. While this man may look like he rolled around in a paint chip aisle with glue on him, a paint chip magnet is not what his costume is going for. Taking a more literal approach to the title of the wildly popular erotic romance novel, this guy dressed up as Fifty Shades of Grey.

14. Carrying around a bag of ice for a costume can’t be easy, but it won’t take long for people to realize that he dressed up as “Netflix and chill.” It’s a pretty great party costume when you think about it. This guy found a way to provide both ice and laughs.

15. Space medics? Doctors of the galaxy? It might not be the most obvious costume at first, but once you get it, you realize they did the best job they possibly could have. “We dressed up as Universal Healthcare for Halloween,” wrote Norgoroth on Reddit. “In America, this is terrifying to half of our population.”

Reddit /u/ Norgoroth

16. You may be wondering what these three suited men are supposed to be with flower pots on their heads. Well, the answer is quite simple, they’re potheads. However, that still doesn’t answer another big question that springs to mind when looking at this costume. How the heck are they able to see?

17. This girl found a simple costume she could throw together last minute while still being both comic and original. The suit and tiny note go together to make up this costume of a “formal apology.” The only real problem with this costume is that you’re bound to get one or two “Hi sorry, nice to meet you” dad jokes.

Instagram / @positivelyamanda

18. You don’t always have to break the bank buying a store-bought costume when you want to be a superhero. This guy’s homemade costume allows him to still call himself “Batman” even without the armored suit. Maybe he can even recruit a nemesis by having a guy who just walks around only telling jokes.

Reddit /u/ blaykk

19. This girl took on an ambitious pun of a costume that she probably had to explain all night, but hey, once you realize what she is, you can only admire the effort put forth. Those familiar with the Harry Potter franchise might realize that she’s dressed as a Golden Snitch, but what about those stitches? Aha, “Snitches get stitches.”

20. Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you and you have to pull something together last minute. This girl knew how to make a costume with just a trash bag and a printer while still winning herself some pun and originality points. Still don’t get it? She’s a bag of Eminems.

21. This guy found the perfect way to reveal his punny costume when someone asks him, “What are you supposed to be?” Vinney Leuterio posted his costume on Twitter, writing, “Got a costume! This year, I’m athletic. It’s okay if you don’t get it. It’s an… inside joke.” Get it?

22. Once something like a show becomes super popular, you know that everyone is going to dress up as one of the characters from it for Halloween. So how do you find a way to stand out while still referencing said show? Take this guy who added a Disney twist by being Jon Snow White.

23. This guy didn’t just dress up the character of Alf to adhere to the spooky nature of Halloween, he did so to make a punny reference to The Lord of the Rings. Now is that costume starting to look a little more familiar? That’s because this guy dressed up as “GandAlf.”

24. With the wild success of Marvel’s Black Panther film, you can expect to see people dressing up as the characters for many conventions to come, but this guy found a way to put a hilarious spin on things. Combining now two famous panthers, he decided to go as “Black Pink Panther.”

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