Driver Parks Car In Front Of Fire Hydrant And Learns Valuable Lesson

When you live in a populated city like Los Angeles or New York, it can be impossible to find a parking spot. The second you find a free spot, you drive up and realize why nobody has parked there – there’s a fire hydrant present. Everybody knows that you’re not allowed to park next to a hydrant, but that didn’t stop these people from breaking the law. As a result, they paid the price for their mindless decision.   

 Most people have no idea what the reasoning is when they’re told not to park by a hydrant. It’s just something that you’ve been told to do and you probably never even questioned it. However, there is a legitimate reason as to why you shouldn’t park there. Just check out the photo below. Do you understand now?


If you’re still confused as to why it’s prohibited, it basically has to do with accessing the water from these connection points. If there is a massive fire in the area, firefighters need to be able to connect their hose to the hydrant and if there’s a car in the way, it makes their job more difficult than it already is. At this point you’re probably thinking, “Well can’t the hose just go AROUND the car?”

And the short answer to that question is: no. If the hose has a kink in it then the water pressure reduces drastically. Firefighters need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, and if that means smashing your car windows for a kinless hose then so be it. There isn’t a technical term for this procedure, but CNN has unofficially called this “hosing.”

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Even though it sucks to have your car windows smashed to pieces, everybody seems to be siding with the firefighters. “This idiot, whoever it is, parked on a hydrant, left it, and now just jeopardized somebody’s life,” says one concerned civilian. 

 Whether you own a beater that’s about to break down or a brand new Mercedes, your car is getting “hosed” if you decide to be “that guy” who parks next to a hydrant. When it comes to saving lives, the state of a person’s car is the last thing on a firefighter’s mind.

If you ever meet someone who regularly parks next to hydrants, then show them this video to inform them on what could potentially happen to them in the future. You never know, they could get hosed.

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