Now You Can Get Paid $4,500 Per Month To Move To Iceland And Travel All Summer

Looking to travel this summer while still making bank? Does that even exist? Well, if there was ever such thing as the perfect summer job, this is probably it. According to Business Insider, the Iceland-based budget airline WOW Air is recruiting travel guides for this upcoming summer and the job description sounds pretty fantastic.

As a guide, you’d be visiting some of WOW’s 38 European and North American destinations. You’d be exploring the food, culture, nightlife, and natural beauty that each place offers. All you’re required to do is digitally document the adventure. Blogs, vlogs, GIFs and social media would all be used to create a digital guide for travellers. The guide would include tips on local secrets, hidden gems as well as budget and travel tricks.

Successful candidates will be living in a paid-for, fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik. Expenses will be covered for transportation and tours all around Iceland.  And, you’d get paid while doing it: around $4,500 a month to be exact.

What’s the catch? It doesn’t sound like there is one, it just gets better. Not only would you be travelling and exploring new cities all summer long, but you’d also be bringing your best friend along too. That’s right, you and your partner in crime making $4,500 each, living it up in Reykjavik and documenting your journey along the way.

Travel guides would even be able to pick where they go over the summer, a WOW representative told Business Insider. Some of the destinations to choose from include Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and New York.

The “job” starts June 1st and goes all the way to August 15th. To apply, you and your bestie would submit an application along with a short video travel guide on your hometown. By the sounds of this dream job, the competition will be fierce.  

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