10 Biggest Fails On The Fashion Runway


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Models often walk down complicated runways which can twist and turn, loopback, and even have objects block the path. Models also have to deal with wearing complicated outfits, some of which have accessories which seem nearly impossible to walk in. All of this, accompanied by the sky-high heels models must walk in, just spells out disaster.

Some people love basking in the misery of others, while other simply just enjoy watching other people embarrass themselves. This can happen quite a lot at fashion shows (it’s nearly a rite of passage to fall on a catwalk).

Here are 10 of the biggest fashion runway fails.

1. It’s not only models who fall while stepping foot onto the runway! During Charleston Fashion Week in 2008, fashion designer and boutique owner K. Morgan came out to the runway to take a final bow to the audience after the show was done.

She had not been there for dress rehearsal and had no idea that no one was supposed to walk through the center of the stage. K. Morgan did, and she fell right through the stage. Luckily, the show was still a success and she was not injured.

2. Falling is something almost every model has done in his or her career. That’s what happened to model Priscila Perez as she strode down a runway during a fashion show in Madrid. At first, she’s killing it, but you can see the first hints of a wobble as she turns around.

As she was walking back down the runway, she wobbled a few more times but didn’t fall. Then, finally, her ankles couldn’t take it anymore and they completely gave out, and she began tripping on both feet.

3. During a runway challenge in an episode of Tyra Banks’ famous reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, model hopeful Alexandra Underwood fell not once, but twice during a runway competition.

She first fell while going down a massive flight of stairs, and then fell for a second time while walking down the catwalk, only it wasn’t her feet that made her fall. There was a massive swinging gong which was used as a prop in the show, and it swung back and forth through the runway. Underwood’s timing was off and as she walked by the gong. It smashed right into her, knocking her off the stage.

4. During a challenge in the seventh season of America’s Next Top Model, the contestants had to fiercely deliver some looks over a wobbly wooden plank floating on water.

No one was able to keep an ounce of grace during the challenge, but only one model fell over the edge and stumbled into the water. She was able to hold onto the edge though, and managed to recover soon after.

5. During the Herve Leger Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, a young Polish model named Monika Jagaciak took quite a tumble as she walked down the runway.

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Jagaciak hit the floor on her knees, but she quickly recovered gracefully, flashing a smile at the audience who watched worriedly.

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6. During a live TV fashion show held in Germany in April 2017, a model wearing a pink outfit paired with an oversized pink bag took to the runway, unaware of what was coming next.

She tumbles to the ground because of her tall heels. But if we’ve learned anything from watching models fall, standing up with grace and a smile can make all the difference.

7. This model during the Serebrova Fall/Winter 2016-2017 fashion show wobbled aggressively for a bit before finally succumbing to her merciless heels. 

But like every model who recovers gracefully from a fall, she took it like a champ and showed those heels who’s boss. She took her shoes off and finished her catwalk fiercely and to the applause of the audience!

8. At the Indiana Black Expo in 2012, a plus-sized model walking down the runway fell while turning around. Not only did she fall to her knees, but she also completely fell off the stage.

The video ended up going viral and even landed her on an episode of Tosh.0.

9.  During an episode of America’s Next Top Model (cycle 16), the contestants were given a challenge. The challenge was to walk on a runway in an inflated bubble…on water.

Naturally, no one was able to do it with grace and a lot of the contestants failed miserably.

10. During a Max Factor fashion show in 2008, Carmen Electra was walking back down a runway in a beautiful and elegant blue dress. She turned to blow a kiss to the audience when she slipped and fell.

Someone off the side of the stage came to help her, but as she was being helped up, another model rushed to her rescue. This model tripped as well, and came crashing down as soon as she tried to help Carmen up. The culprit behind the two nasty falls was water on the stage.

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