Taylor Rae Hair Is Going Viral For Their Truly Unique And Amazingly Effective Hair Dyeing Method

There’s a new hair dye craze happening right now that started with Taylor Rae Hair. Like all stylish trends, it’s taking social media by storm, starting with Instagram. Once you take a look at these vivid, flawless colors, you’ll be booking an appointment with your nearest hairstylist.

We know there is a lot that we can do with our hair, and we thought we have seen it all. There are different hairstyles, such as Leah buns, straightening, and curling. Then there are the different haircuts people get, such as the bob, bangs, or having one side of your hair shaved off. And then there are the different hair dying methods that have recently come about, such as highlights and the ombre look. Now there is a new hair dye trend that is very unique.

Taylor Rae Hair, which is a hair salon in Denver, Colorado, is taking hair dye to the next level. They have a very unique method of mixing and applying the dye to your hair. Instead of the traditional method of mixing a brush into the dye then brushing it through your hair, they don’t use the brush. They have the different colors of hair dye that you would like in your hair in a bowl. They then dump the dye onto the top of your head and let it fall along your hair. It’s been appropriately named the Drip Hair Dye method.

The hair stylist who has come up with this way to create this accented rainbow hair dye look is Taylor Rae, the owner of the salon where this trend was born. She is a hair stylist specializing in vivid colors and color correction who’s been working in the industry for almost a decade. She told BeautyLaunchPad.com that she got into hair styling and the vivid color look through her love of art. “My inspiration stems from art, music and the desire to create something that makes my clients feel on top of the world.”

You may be wondering what made Rae think about dripping hair dye on someone’s head to color it. Rae told Allure.com, “I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I wanted to see what would happen if I poured a bunch of color on [someone’s] head. Initially, I started with a mannequin…and then I had a client who was willing to let me play with her hair to bring it to life for real!” And thanks to that very brave first client, a new method of hair dyeing was born!

We know that dying hair can be expensive and so does Rae, who broke down the cost of this hair dye method to BeautyLaunchPad.com. “Clients should understand that vivid colors are a higher price point than most color and they can take anywhere between three to eight hours to complete. Also, vivid colors can be high maintenance and require a touch up every four to six weeks. Rose gold, silver and pastels are examples of a more high-maintenance color,” Rae said.

If you are someone who is looking for a change in your hair, and is willing to take this leap in spite of how high-maintenance it is, you should consider seeking out the drip hair dye method.

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