24 Smart Things That Really Should Be Everywhere


We have all wanted something to come along and make our lives easier. This could be something simple like having a chair that has an indentation to store our bags. Or it could be something more complicated like a crosswalk button that could know we needed more time to cross the street. Some of these things we never thought existed, but the truth is, they do exist.

They might not be where we are today but they do exist somewhere in the world.

And these smart things should really be everywhere. Below is a list that includes 25 of these smart things that really should be everywhere.

1. The Moustache Guard Cup: For everyone who has a mustache, this is for you. We know that it must be a pain to constantly get what you drink stuck in there. It must be an awkward feeling. But don’t worry. This china cup was made just for you. It has a spot along the inside of the rim that will stop your mustache from getting wet and dirty.

2. The Bicycle Bench: When we go riding on our bikes we all take a break at some point. We might see a nice view and an empty bench. But when we go to sit down we have to find a place to place our bikes. This can be a pain! But don’t worry, this new bench has a spot to put your bicycles. Now we need to wait until this is implemented all over the world.

3. These Descriptive Brownies: Everyone has a favourite part of the brownie. Some people like the ends and others like the center. When we buy individual brownies at shops we are usually left disappointed that we didn’t get our favourite part. But this store decided to place stickers on the packaging of the brownies, letting everyone know what they will be getting inside.

4. This Braille Phone Base: For people who don’t have a vision impairment they are able to read phone bases and other technological objects. But for someone who does have a vision impairment, a lot of the time everyday objects don’t incorporate braille. That’s what makes this braille phone base so smart. It gives everyone the opportunity to know what it’s saying.

This Braille Phone BaseReddit /u/ Arthur_Dent_42_121

5. This Braille Pop Can: Everyday objects can become a challenge for someone who has a vision impairment. Imagine grabbing a pop can and not knowing what flavour you picked? Well, that’s what a lot of people are forced to do because a lot of the time pop cans and other items don’t have braille on them. But this pop can do. That’s what makes it so smart, and this really should be everywhere.

6. This Chair Meant For Holding Bags: We have all walked around and carried a bag or two. Or for us ladies and some gents, we carry our purses around a lot of the time. When we go to sit down we are usually forced to place our bags on the dirty floor or hang them on the side of the chair, where they usually fall off. But with this pretty smart invention, you can hang your bag or purse directly into the indent. Say goodbye to fallen bags.

7. This Crosswalk that Allows For Extra Time: Let’s face it. Crosswalks never give people enough time to safely get across. And that goes for anyone. So this invention is pretty smart. A card is given to seniors and people with injuries or disabilities. When they get to the crosswalk they tap the card against it. It gives them extra time to cross the street. This should be everywhere, immediately.

8. These Wheelchair Accessible Elevator Buttons: Elevator buttons can go up pretty high when they are set vertically! That’s what makes this elevator so smart. They have placed the buttons horizontally and lower down. This makes them more accessible to people in wheelchairs. Making this elevator accessible to everyone. This is a smart invention that should be everywhere.

These Wheelchair Accessible Elevator ButtonsReddit

9. This USB That States Storage Left: USBs are a lifesaver for students and working people everywhere. But a lot of the time we use them so often and we never know when they are almost at capacity. This smart invention makes it so you don’t have to plug the USB in to know how much room is left. Instead, it displays the space available on the actual USB.

10. This Plug That Thought Ahead: When we plug something into the wall we rarely think about how difficult it’s going to be when we go to unplug it. That’s why this smart invention is smarter than us. The plug has a hole in the center of it so when we go to pull it out of the socket, it’s much easier. No need to worry about hurting your hand or not being able to unplug any longer. Place your finger inside the hole and lightly tug.

This Plug That Thought AheadReddit

11. This Fountain That’s Also A Clock: Have you ever sat at a fountain and just watched it? Chances are, you probably haven’t. Not unless it was the Trevi Fountain with its many interesting sculptures. But this fountain is pretty impressive! It tells the time as well as being a fountain. If this smart invention was everywhere I’m sure a lot more people would be sitting and admiring fountains more often.

This Fountain That’s Also A ClockReddit /u/ taberlasche

12. The Car Wash Games: Going for a car wash is fun when you are in the car. But for those washes where you have to wait it out, let’s face it, they are boring. But this car wash invented a game to keep you busy while you wait. You’re able to shoot soap onto the cars that go through the car wash. This is a smart way to keep the kids busy, or even yourself.

The Car Wash GamesReddit /u/ hermionejean1

13. This Short Story Airport Machine: For anyone who has been to an airport, you know all the things that can prolong your time. A flight can get delayed, a layover can happen, or you got through security super fast and now have a lot of time on your hands. But this airport is pretty smart. They have a machine that prints out free short stories for all those who are waiting for their flight. Now, if only this was at every airport. We would probably be happier to fly.

14. These Never-Ending Division Lines: When you park your car you know that you need to get in between the lines on the gravel. But once you are close to being in those lines it’s hard to tell if you are actually in them or not. Some people will open their car door to double-check they got it right. But with these smart division lines that continue up the barrier, you’ll never have to double-check again. Just look ahead of you, and you will know if you parked correctly.

15. These Dressing Room Hangers: When we go into a dressing room we are constantly debating what clothes we should actually buy. With these hangers, you will never have to wonder which clothes were definite no’s or yes’s. After trying something on you can make your decision to ditch it or keep it and place them on the appropriate hanger. This would make everyone’s life easier.

16. This All-In-One Picnic Table: Everyone has had family get-togethers at the local park. The adults are always at one table and the children at the other. But with this picnic table families don’t need to be separated from their next gathering. This picnic table has the first table for adults with the second, lower table for the children. And don’t forget about the high chair that’s included on the adult table.

17. This Smart Highlighter: We have all highlighted something the wrong way. It’s really hard to get the highlighter correctly over the words you wanted to highlight. It comes down to the angle of the highlighter. But with this smart highlighter, there is a clear part of it so we can look through and make sure we are highlighting the correct thing. If this was everywhere, no one would have to worry about incorrectly highlighting again.

This Smart HighlighterReddit /u/ chillin_krillin

18. This Heating Button At A Train Station: For people who live in a climate that has winters, this is for you. There is nothing worse than waiting for transit and freezing because there is no heating around. This smart train station implemented a button to press when it is too cold, which activates the heating. If there is one thing that everyone in the world needs, it’s this.

19. This Office Slide: Climbing stairs to leave work is such a bummer. Especially when we could slide down. Leaving the office is supposed to be fun, we get to go do the things we want to do with the people we want to do them with. That’s what makes this office slide super smart. When leaving work, employees can slide from the second floor to the exit instead of walking or taking the elevator.

20. The Multipurpose Escalator: Escalators are great! They help you get to places faster and you don’t have to use extra energy. But the gaps in between escalators, where we need to walk to the next escalator, can be a bummer for some people. That’s why this transformational escalator is really smart. It changes between a stair escalator and a walkway escalator. The inventor of this should be inventing it across the world.

21. This Hiding Place For Your Knees: Sitting in the back of a car has many challenges. First, you can’t properly see out the front window. And second, your knees are usually pressed into the front seat. But this car carved out indents on the back of the front seat. So when you are in the back of this car don’t worry about your knees being squashed. You will have a bit more room. This is one way to make your backseat passengers comfortable.

22. This Pizza Chart: After seeing this smart invention it’s hard to believe we have been settling for only knowing the size of the pizzas we order. This pizza joint tells their customers the surface area, diameters of the slices, and how many slices they will get. If this was at every place that sells pizza it would make buying them a lot easier. We would never have to guess how many slices will be for all the people we have coming over.

23. This Dentist Game: Getting your teeth taken care of by a dentist can be boring. They might talk to you but that’s just awkward because it’s hard to talk back. But this dentist is really smart. He placed a Where Is Waldo? game on top of his ceiling. So whenever his patients are coming in, they are able to keep themselves busy by playing the game.

24. These Shopping Basket Logos: When you shop at a store there are always the employees who come up to ask if you need help. A lot of the time people get annoyed by being asked. That’s why this invention is so smart. There are two different types of baskets. One for people who need help and the other for people who don’t want help. This will save the employees a lot of time in asking if everyone needs help. It will also make the shopping experience for the customers much better.

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