Coworker Keeps Sexually Harassing This Woman, So She Gets The Best Revenge Ever

A woman who faced workplace sexual harassment from a male colleague every day finally got the best workplace revenge she could possibly get. She shut down this guy’s behavior and did it in a creative and hilarious way.

Here’s a question to begin the story: how do men feel when a woman farts? Do they feel more at ease? Do they think it’s funny? Or is there another reaction entirely? What if a woman could achieve justice through farting?

This story will probably make you laugh, and you may even feel inspired by this woman’s totally awesome takedown of a workplace creep. She posted the story to Reddit’s dedicated page for women, r/twoxchromosomes.

The story begins with a man this woman works with exhibiting some totally creepy and inappropriate behavior. He tries to play innocent, but this woman is smarter than that.

She gets the best workplace revenge ever. As she passes by this grabby guy in the hallway the woman farts right on his hand.

There was a lot of freaking out on both parts, but ultimately this “Ted” got his just desserts when he felt he had a right to complain.

Other Reddit users could not help but celebrate this woman’s amazing act of achieving justice through farting.

Another Reddit user shared the story of a Disney animator who also got the best workplace revenge when she kept getting groped by a man she worked with.

How did this guy even think that he could get away with everything he did by complaining about this incident? “Ted” must not be too bright.

Whether or not he learned his lesson may always remain a mystery, but the stench of his behavior will most likely loom over him forever.

The biggest truth to come out of this story is that this woman’s fart may have saved other women from having to deal with “Ted” and his gross tendencies.

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