Guy Pissed Off With Immigrant Who Could Barely Speak English Left Speechless After Unexpected Incident In Class

A young man named Thomas McFall shared a Twitter story that has captured people’s attention, involving a fellow student in one of his classes. This other student was an immigrant, and it occurred to Thomas that he could not speak English very well. While Thomas McFall was dismissive of his fellow student at first, everything changed in one day.

This is a story about a person who may not have had an understanding of someone else at first, and made a snap judgment. However, that person’s opinion was changed as they opened themselves up to someone else’s experience. While some people on Twitter have criticized Thomas McFall for his initial reaction to his classmate, others have praised his actions throughout the rest of the story.

These tweets show that even a person who is quick to make a judgment regarding someone else based on their culture or language ability can have a change of heart. Thomas McFall was willing to take a step back, examine his own actions and feelings, and turn them around to better learn about this other person and their experiences in the world.

Thomas McFall begins with a quick introduction to the story. Even though he normally uses his Twitter for joke purposes (like many people) he felt the need to share this story.

It turns out this fellow classmate of Thomas McFall doesn’t speak English too well. On top of that, he has a habit that began getting under McFall’s skin.

While this classmate seemed like a nice enough person, his positive attitude seemed to rub Thomas exactly the wrong way. Despite this student’s friendliness, a connection was not being made.

Thomas was initially annoyed with his fellow student’s habit and clearly did not want to associate with him. Part of this was due to the obvious language barrier.

One day, Thomas was late to class. Once again, from the hallway, Thomas spied a familiar scene. However, the story was about to take a turn.

Thomas quickly saw that what he thought was just an annoying habit of his fellow classmate, was actually a kind gesture. He had been mistaken this entire time.

Thomas was touched by this student’s consideration and quickly realized that he was the one that was being inconsiderate. It was a sobering moment for Thomas to take stock of his selfish attitude.

Upon learning what his fellow classmate was actually doing every day, Thomas had a change of heart and viewed this person he didn’t know in a different light. He then made an effort to bridge the gap between them, despite the language difference.

It turned out that this person Thomas had initially dismissed had come to the US to attend school and was working hard to support his family back home.

Thomas made a new friend that day and was even paid a compliment from his classmate. All it took was a moment of recognizing kindness to create an understanding between two people.

This was a story about someone who made an assumption about someone else based on their language abilities, and it ended with that person learning not to jump to conclusions and to think about others.

There were many responses to the story on Twitter. Some of them were positive and praised Thomas for learning a lesson and admitting that he was wrong.

The story really seemed to impress some people, and even made their day a little bit better. For one person, it even seemed to make their year better.

Although there was a number of positive responses to the story, Thomas also faced criticism for his initial attitude toward his classmate. However, Thomas held his own against his critics.


Thomas also faced criticism about his assumptions concerning the language barrier between him and his classmate, but once again he provided his own level-headed response.

Despite the criticisms, the replies to Thomas’s story were overwhelmingly positive, with one Twitter user even inquiring how people could help Tom’s classmate and his family. Overall, the lesson of one person overcoming their selfishness and reaching out to someone across a language barrier was not lost on people.

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