25 Ironic Illustrations Reveal The Truth About Modern Society

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The truth is, modern society has quite a few things to be criticized for. The way we communicate with one another, our politics and our current technologies are worlds away from what they used to be. Some agree with the way society does things in the present day, and others avidly do not.

Whether or not we agree or disagree with the way the modern world works, there are certain truths to accept, regardless. The following 24 images convey those truths. These talented artists have a special way of communicating their interpretation of present day issues.

Take a look at these 24 ironic illustrations from artists who reveal the hard-to-swallow truth about modern society.

1. This image shows the irony of technology. We spend more time talking to each other on our phones than we do in person. When you’re out with someone, you’re supposed to be present in the moment. Instead, people spend more time scrolling through their phones than talking to each other.

2. Here we see the lineup of people humans might encounter in their final days. Doctors, nurses, religious guides and finally, death as represented by the Grim Reaper. It doesn’t matter who’s there to help or heal you, at the end of the day the final “visitor” will always be the same.

3. There are two sides to social and political activism. No matter what side you’re on, there’s always another side you’re not fully seeing. The supporters here don’t see the terrible things the political figure is doing to his adversaries.

4. Although it may look peaceful, this illustration has a very somber message. Artists around the world reacted to the death of three-year-old refugee, Alan Kurdi. He, his five-year-old brother as well as his mother drowned in the Mediterranean sea trying to escape Syria. The photo of him washed onto a shore made headlines around the world. This artist represents his tragic death by showing children at peace sleeping along a shoreline. As to say, in death Kurdi found peace from the Syrian war. 

5. Society doesn’t know what they’ve got until they don’t have it anymore. You don’t know the true meaning of freedom until you’ve lost it. We don’t appreciate the things we do have, yet miss it when it’s gone.

6. Here we see the irony of people having what they don’t need while others need and don’t have. The snowman doesn’t need a scarf, on the contrary, he needs to keep cool to stay alive. Therefore, he forfeits his useless belonging to chilly kitties who need it.

7. This illustration is titled “Science and Religion”. The artist conveys how different religions try so hard to start a war and oppose each other. While people who base their beliefs on facts rise above it all.

8. In this cartoon, we see what we’ve done to our world. Society has destroyed the nature around them yet is fascinated to see nature on television, at zoos, in books etc. We get to enjoy nature in a more “convenient” way, yet the very thing we admire is suffering.

9. This illustration might be interpreted in a few different ways. What I’m getting from it is that with all of the bountiful knowledge we have access to in books, we really only end up walking away with a little bit of it.

10. Everything comes full circle, even if it’s not exactly the way we plan. Parents start out their children’s lives by teaching them how to get around on two wheels. Children wrap up their parent’s lives by pushing them around on two wheels.

11. Every action we take against nature is destroying our planet. This artist depicted that message by showing a man cutting down a tree, only for it to rip through the atmosphere like a delicate painting.  

12. Animals are among the most innocent creatures on this earth. They only care about one thing in life and that’s surviving. As we see here, we have a family dreaming about all the things they want in life, cars, jewelry, money etc. Meanwhile, their cat is only thinking about one basic need, food. 

13. I know it looks confusing, but this illustration is meant to show the power of one percent. How much you can improve yourself by putting just one percent more effort in. And, how much you can miss out on by decreasing your effort by one percent.

14. Behind every success story are some mistakes along the way. Although mistakes might seem like a bad thing, you’d never learn from anything unless you made them. You might break a lot of plates, but one day you’ll be successful in juggling them.

16. This illustration shows how human hands affect nature. The tree needs something to lean on for support after being destroyed by society. How ironic is it that a crutch used to hold the tree up is made from the very material humans stole from it?

17. Throughout the age of media, our thoughts and opinions have always been dictated by what we see, hear and read. Today, that media is social channels, where posters can shape minds by influencing their audience with whatever content they want.

18. Modern society no longer thinks for themselves or speaks their own words. We take the words and thoughts of others instead of forming our own. Individuals without their own opinions feel the need to steal them from others.

19. As the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. That couldn’t be truer for parents. Everything a parent does their children will be influenced by, the good and the bad. Parents’ actions will feed into their children’s actions.

20. This artist is depicting the difference between free media and government media. Free media can say whatever they want with the potential price of punishment. Government media is told what to say like puppets on strings.

21. This comical cartoon shows the downfall of jealousy in today’s society. Instead of being worried that her husband isn’t home from work, Mrs. Fly jumps right to the conclusion that he must be out cheating on her.

22. Different individuals have different perspectives on things. The labor worker on the left sees a fancy car and tells his son about all of the hard work that went into making it. The businessman on the right sees a fancy car and tells his son about how much money it’s worth.

23. We’ve been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years. We’ve made such strides as a race creating technology. Today, we’ve advanced so far into it that we’re stepping into a place where we’re consumed by it.

24. Here we see the counterintuitive measures environmentalists go to in order to spread their message. What’s the point of asking people to save the trees when you’re printing out hundreds of sheets of paper that are made from trees?

25. This illustration shows how people can become imprisoned within themselves and their own thoughts. Whether it’s due to how hard we work ourselves, mental illness or self-esteem issues. Some people are their own worst enemies.


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