Spaghetti Got A Knit Sweater For Christmas And Couldn’t Be Happier

Getting the perfect warm sweater is exactly what we all need for this cold weather. Well, Spaghetti got a knit sweater for Christmas and he couldn’t be happier. Oh, Spaghetti happens to be a snake. But everyone still deserves a gift on this festive holiday…and a knitted sweater sounds like the perfect gift for this animal. Four years ago, a Reddit user named Rancor_Emperor, also known as Sean, adopted a corn snake. Spaghetti used to belong to Sean’s roommate.

But after his roommate was accepted into a Masters’s program overseas, he couldn’t bring Spaghetti along and asked his friends and family on Facebook if anyone could adopt him. Sean had lived with the snake for two years, so he was more than thrilled to take in Spaghetti and his own. He’s been taking care of the snake ever since.

This year, Sean’s sister was making gifts for everyone and decided to make Spaghetti a purple knitted sweater for Christmas. The snake was totally rocking it and looked like he enjoyed it, judging by the video below. In the YouTube description box, Sean wrote “He’s a corn snake about 39” long last I measured him. I believe he’s about 6-8 years old maybe”.

He continued writing, “He eats about once every 2 weeks. After the video, I fed him so right now he’s too fat to fit back inside of his sweater. The sweater doesn’t stay on him, he more or less crawls into a sweater tube. Once he’s bored he just wiggles right out of it on his own”. After you read this description, anyone who isn’t a fan of snakes can’t help but think this guy is the cutest.

Sean told The Dodo, “I never thought I would own a snake, but he’s the best pet for me, in all honesty. When I pick him up, he’ll wrap around my arm and then try and move to my neck and then the top of my head. He’s literally a big hug.” Who knew that someone could get so connected to a snake? But this relationship sounds adorable.

Sean continued, saying “Right before he sticks his head out through the end, he kind of parks it in there and waits. Then after a minute or two, he’ll poke his head out and he’ll sit there and look around for a while”. Looking at this knitted sweater that Spaghetti got for Christmas, it technically isn’t a sweater at all.

Technically, it’s a sweater tube! Sean’s sister surprised Sean and Spaghetti with the homemade creation. According to The Dodo, his sister began asking him all these questions about his pet corn snake. He told the site, “She was asking how big or round is he, and I said, ‘About an inch or so,’”. Sean hopes that his sister will make a second sweater for Spaghetti, the little guy clearly enjoys them! Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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