Parents Spot Venomous Snake In Baby’s Room, But The Internet Is Having A Tough Time Spotting It

Imagine this; you walk into your baby’s room, for whatever reason, and all of the sudden you find a little visitor there: a snake. You then post the photo on social media and no one on the internet can see that snake you posted.

That’s exactly what happened to a homeowner in Australia. He was recently surprised to find a little snake in his baby’s bedroom in Little Mountain, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Once he saw it, he called the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

They then posted the scary story on their Facebook and decided to turn the situation into a challenge. They captioned the photo “See if you can find him in this photo!” “Him” being the snake. People started giving it their best shot.

Looking at the photo, it’s nearly impossible to spot the snake even though it’s 100% there. It’s not in the crib, it’s not around the crib…where is it?

Facebook users also had the same idea with one commenting “it’s inside the bed”…nope. Another user commented “behind the box”…not sure about that!

Another user commented, “Yeah wow, this side edge mattress, behind the bottom run wooden bars. Tricky little bugger!”

Parents Spot Venomous Snake In Baby's RoomFacebook

One user noted, “besides the nappy box a bit scary” but some people still couldn’t see it. Even after people started pointing it out.

Parents Spot Venomous Snake In Baby's RoomFacebook

Where on earth is this snake? One user commented, “some people say behind the box (which then I ask, how can you see it?) another say next to it. Still, can’t see a thing myself.”

Ready to find out where exactly this little guy is? The mildly venomous Yellow-faced Whipsnake is actually hanging out in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo.

It’s really impressive if anyone spotted that because you can barely see it! Australia has a number of exotic and even dangerous animals so it’s important to be careful.

According to Shareable, snake season is approaching Down Under and locals should take every precaution in their homes to ensure safety.

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